Sunday, April 12, 2009

Turning One

It is such a huge milestone but one that the recipient is really none the wiser about apart from looking back in old and worn photo albums.

Last week The Littlest One in our household passed this milestone, the last one to be celebrated in this house unless we have any post vasectomy surprise babies...bwahahahahahahaha

To say the year has gone by far too quickly is a huge understatement it truly has gone by in a blur. She is such a (normally) easy going little girl. Who goes with the ebbs and flow of a loud and enthusiastic family.

She has 6 teeth (those last 4 came through not so long ago) is standing and taking a few tentative steps but not officially walking yet. Loves her vegies but loves them even more with a dash of gravy. And because she is a big girl now she insists on feeding herself these days (much to my floors dismay)

We love you Little One all the way to the moon and back.

Special mention and big thank you's to our dear friend Hilly who decorated the cake for us...mwah
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