Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sewing Sunday

After my morning trip to the markets to get my fresh fruit and veg for the week I decided to make a Flipsy Skirt.

Using some fabric from my ever growing hardly decreasing stash this little baby is on it's way to Canada for a birthday girl.

This really is such a great pattern. I deviated slightly from the pattern and only put belt loops on and no buttons or loops on the hem. I hope she likes it and that I get heaps of photos of her wearing it.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Scones and Aprons

The other week I made Lemonade scones my first ever attempt at making scones.

Whilst making said scones I came to the conclusion that I need an apron and not just any old apron - no way. So I head over to the Queen of Aprons Louise at Made by Miffy and ordered an apron in an hour kit complete with fabric. And if you didn't have kids I am quite positive you could actually make this in an hour. Very easy pattern to follow and the end results are rather spiffy if I do say sew (ha ha) myself.

(Excuse messy house in background but I did try to sew all day)

Snr has now put an order in for one - which I guess makes sense seen as he is head Chef and chief bottle washer. Now to find something suitably manly and not too emasculating.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Little Fairy

Only wants to be held at present, wakes up far too early but by god we love this little girl.

Have inlcuded a photo of my F&V shopping this morning at our local farmer's market. I am not too sure if it is as cheap as I once thought it was. Have a guess how much this lot cost which incidentally will not last me all week (gosh you don't think I am that organised do you!!!)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I have been sewing just really slack at blogging

As the post suggests I have actually been sewing quite a bit just slack at blogging.

I have been making a lot of these crossover shoulder bags for gifts and have been well pleased with some of my fabric combo's especially the vintage mushroom with green dot lining. Like last years crayon roll gift this year is the year of the bag.

I also have just finished a very cute pram blanket in pink for a new baby girl and I have on the machine 2 boy versions for a set of twins born earlier this month. Cluck cluck cluck

edited to add that my photography really does need some help. These shots are woeful.

Procrastination Skirt

This is a skirt I have had in my WIP box for longer than I care to share with you all. My very patient skinny, leggy friend is waiting for.

It is supposed to be 3 tiers of blue corduroy but because my friend has great pegs it was to be customised as a short skirt. So after sewing the 3 tiers together on one panel I deemed it to be too long and so cut off one tier and added a beautiful Amy Butler Lotus panel as a contrast hem. I hope it fits okay which I think my skinny friend is too skinny and it will be too big.

Dont you just hate skinny people and their problems...

p.s I do love you Mothership.

Musings on a whiteboard


Mum likes to watch Powderfinger. What do you think mum likes to eat? She likes oysters.

Yes I do my boy yes I do indeed.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Op Shop Wednesday

And today we have a daisy theme. I never really find too many 'bargains' or great vintage type stuff whenever I go looking but today I had a feeling so strong that I even woke my sleeping baby to go into this shop and I was rewarded with a daisy tea cup and some very cool green daisy fabric (well it is a sheet actually) but it immediately reminded me of the Amy Butler Daisy Chain fabric.

Can't wait to have my tea out of that clean cup tonight.
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