Thursday, April 7, 2011

Someone please come ruin my life like this.

What sort of mother goes and does that to their child?  Someone call DOCS on this woman, what was she thinking.

Poor Audrey!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Frogs you have been warned

Tomorrow the Littlest One turns three!!!

As I sit here typing this blog entry this time, 3 years ago we had just rung my mum and told her to come around to sleep at our place for the night as our last ever baby was coming...we think.

3 years ago today my last ever day of being pregnant.

Turns out she arrived the next day in her sweet pick-a-ninny time. But here safe and sound all the same.

I actually couldn't believe she was a girl. I think for the first hour all I could say was "oh she is a girl" I never really cared with the first 2 but I secretly wanted a girl for this third one just so that Baby Girl had a sister. I was (and still am) so very jealous of sisters. I only have brothers, good ones but I would love a sister to share sister stuff with.

So here are THREE things about the Littlest One:

She has a smart mouth:
ME: LO please hold my hand you are going to get hit by a trolley
LO: Dont you worry about me, just worry about what you are doing.

She loves Frogs:

She Rules our House:

Here she is looking a little Hitleresque.

Some days it feels like a lifetime but sure as heck these 3 years have gone fast. Time can stop for just a wee moment and let me saviour it a bit longer.
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