Friday, November 26, 2010

1 year and 1 day

Since I last blogged. That will be 366 hail marys for you, you slack arse.

I really am lazy but surprised that I did in my first blog promise to do it for a year and I did (gobsmacked)

I still read heaps of blogs..Lots of blogs (thanks to my employer) and I have developed a love for a new genre of blog the social commentary mummy/mommy blogger. So I guess my love of reading those has definitely intimidated me in not wanting to post.

Also I have 9 follwers. Who knew I even knew 9 people. Poor buggers probably dont even bother with me anymore.

Anyway I am going to try and post more...I promise (fingers crossed behind my back while I smile sweetly at the screen)

Oh and based on my last post - I still nag...a lot.
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