Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Confessions from a foodie

It is no secret, I love food. 

I love cooking it.

I love thinking about it.

I love reading recipe books/blogs.

I love planning dinner party menus.

You get the gist I really like good food and everything about food.

So it is with great shame that I admit that I love this stuff...

I really really do love the good ol cheese in a box.  The stuff that would probably survive nuclear holocaust.  I love to eat it, in the worlds tackiest salad, and I use that term loosely of Kraft Cheese and grated carrot mixed in a bowl.  Served as a side to any meal. 

Please don't judge me harshly and I hope this confession can help me to no longer feel the shame.  I hope that I can bravely and proudly place this purchase on top of the trolley load of groceries and not hidden away.

Don't leave me hanging share your shameful food secrets.
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