Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Confessions from a foodie

It is no secret, I love food. 

I love cooking it.

I love thinking about it.

I love reading recipe books/blogs.

I love planning dinner party menus.

You get the gist I really like good food and everything about food.

So it is with great shame that I admit that I love this stuff...

I really really do love the good ol cheese in a box.  The stuff that would probably survive nuclear holocaust.  I love to eat it, in the worlds tackiest salad, and I use that term loosely of Kraft Cheese and grated carrot mixed in a bowl.  Served as a side to any meal. 

Please don't judge me harshly and I hope this confession can help me to no longer feel the shame.  I hope that I can bravely and proudly place this purchase on top of the trolley load of groceries and not hidden away.

Don't leave me hanging share your shameful food secrets.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Last a Lifetime

They were meant to last a life time.  We have not even made it to year 9 yet and the 2 front teeth are broken.

I thought about this blog post yesterday and how this was the worst thing ever and well it's not you know.  Things could be a lot worse, I know,  but it still makes me upset to think that his beautiful perfect teeth are no more.

(excuse the horrible pic that is pasta sauce on his chin)

So we are off to the dentist this afternoon to hopefully hear good news and spend a wad of cash, but it could be worse right?

Have you ever done some major dental damage as a kid?  Was your mum as melodramatic as Juniors is/was?

Friday, August 26, 2011

Cancer you suck big fat hairy balls

It's Daffodil Day this week. 

If you haven't already and you can spare a dollar or two please donate.

I drove an 800km round trip today to attend a funeral because of cancer.

R.I.P Michele.  You battled that bastard with much grace and dignity, your memory will be forever cherished.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Remakes are bad...honest.

Some things should be left in the past.

Please Australian tv execs dont try and recreate this magic, it will only end in tears,

And just for those playing at home, who used to sing into their hair brushes and dreamt of singing a duet with Vinnie Del Tito (or Joey Perrone)  here is a great Australian TV magic moment (it could rival Molly dying on a Coutry Practice)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Big Bags

Waaaaa, I am scared.

I have never put my mug on the blog before. I am more of a behind the camera gal not in front.

Now the reason for this photo is to show you the bags I am packing under my eyes.  These suckers are the Louis Vuitton of the (eye) bag world.

So I moisturise daily and have pots and potions of goop all over the place but never seem to stick to a "routine" religiously.  But these bags seem to get worse as the years roll by.

So on Monday I spent the grand sum of $19 and bought this little sucker.

Apparently (hopefully) this stuff will visibly reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness YAY.

Now the real challenge will be sticking to it for the whole 4 weeks.

Me and my bags will keep you posted during the 4 weeks.

*Disclaimer* this is not a paid or sponsored post as this is not that kind of blog (obviously)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Drink Du Jour

I love me a drink, of the alcoholic kind. 

I even have a special drink cupboard but do not think I am a cupboard drinker.

I love summer, I love hosting parties and making a new drink to share with my friends that I have discovered.

I am always on the look out for new funky glasses and Dan Murphy's to me  is like a lolly shop to a kid.  I get giddy in that shop.

So I thought I would share a drink I discovered a few months back that I have shared with my friends and they have all loved.

So you need:

1 part
(or you can use vodka if you prefer)
1 part
you can use ginger ale if you prefer, I have tried both ways but prefer the ginger beer
and 1 part

 and a squeeze of lemon or lime juice.  I put mine in a cocktail shaker but don't make the mistake of shaking it vigorously like me,  ginger beer when shaken explodes, trust me.  So either stir or gently shake the vessel then pour over crushed ice into a glass of your choice.  No garnish for this drink (and I love me a garnish) a straw if you must but otherwise just drink (guzzle) at your leisure.

This is a seriously refreshing drink without being too sickly sweet. 

My tip:  Before making for friends decide on your serving glass and find an appropriate measure to suit your cup to get the parts right.  Also you can (obviously) mix the quantities to suit your tastes e.g less alcohol (gasp) or soft drink.  Also go the diet soft drinks if you prefer.
Enjoy.  You're Welcome.

Would love to hear your favourite cocktail or mocktail.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Frock It #11

Nothing controversial this week just a really beautiful simple dress worn by a beautiful girl.  Frieda Pinto (Slumdog Millionaire  fame) in New York heading into a tv studio selling her new flick  Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Great hair and it looks like the kind of dress that would suit a lot of shapes (I think)

So come join in and link up to This Mid 30's Life

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Floatin my Boat

I love me a little bit of musical genius, you know when you get little goosebumps and all.  I couldn't have picked a better "quartet" to sing together. 

Well for me today I caught an ad for the new reality show The Voice

Like Adam Levine wasn't already hot enough, Cee Lo Green just got a tiny bit cute and Blake Shelton (who I had to google) is darn tootin cute too.

Love it...  So I guess this reality tv hag has a new addition to add to the watch list, I hope they do more songs together.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Golden Blog Find

There are a lot of blogs about.
 (that little tidbit from me in case you didn't know)

You can spend hours linking up to new discoveries and blog hopping all over the joint.

I happened upon this little gem this morning and it really made my bitch-o-meter jump with joy.

My new favourite blog:

Suri your little designer ass used to tick me off but now I just love love love you. Go check it out and tell me you don't just love it.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Unknow It

On Saturday I was told something that irrevocably changed my world and rocked me to my core.

I want to go back to that time and be untold just for a week or two, to when I was pure and innocent and my world was pretty good.

It took a lot of courage for this person to tell me this news and I am thankful that they did but I really just want to put my rose coloured glasses back on and bask in the winter sunshine.

Have you ever been told something and then immediately wanted to unknow it?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Gwyneth Hating the lazy lady sport

I was over at This Mid 30's Life reading her latest post (swear I am not a stalker) and it got me to thinking I actually do participate in sport.  The sport of bagging the shit out of Gwyneth.  I realised I am not alone in fact we could actually make this a team sport and have a round robin game draw.  I mean we could even have uniforms.

So why do we hate her so much?

Did it start off because of her boyfriend?

Oh Brad really!

Is it because of this...
That speech makes me want to stab myself in the eye with a fork.

Or was it when she chose another human beings name?

As far as celebrity baby names go this has to be the worst

Or because she is trying to convince us she actually cooks and eats food like a normal person?

How long do you think she sat in hair and make up to achieve the  harrassed mum in the kitchen look?

Or was the fatal blow when she did this?

Seriously hand me that fork now

So do you want to come join my team or are you firmly planted in Team Gwyneth?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Frock It #10

Frock It has reached double digits...yay.

So this week I have have ditched all the Euro wedding scene and have headed over to New York for a bit of Aussie Glam.  My Frock It for this week is Aussie actress Rose Byrne.  She is one gorgeous girl.  She is at the season premiere of her tv show Damages.

Now whilst I love this whole look, the dress, belt, bag, make up hair and shoes.  It is just not a New York summer outfit.  Autumn, winter yes but not Summer.

So it pains me but I am going to give it the thumbs down.

Head on over to This Mid 30's Life and join in.  There is a bit of wedding fever over in the UK so go check it out.

I purposely avoided the Grimaldi horror but am totally intrigued by the whole drama surrounding it.  I wonder if Princess Charlenes tears were of happiness or horror???

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Frock It #9

So I am a bit late in joining this week over at This Mid 30's Life 

So Kate Moss got married.  You either love her or hate her, or you could be a fence sitter like me.

I think I love her dress, though I hate the pixie look lining at the top of her thighs. Do love the veil/headpiece.  The dress is designed by currently disgraced designer Galliano.

Do however think that the little flowergirl attendants dresses are just divine.  And the look is very boho Kate.

So what do you think of her dress?

Jump on over and join Frock it for this week.

Monday, June 13, 2011

How to claim vajayjay remodeling under Medicare

A nip and tuck here and there would be great I think most days.  But just not there!!!!

For the average joe the costs of "remodelling" are quite prohibitive and totally not claimable under the Medicare Scheme...damn it.

But one ingenious lady sheila in Victoria figured a way to get around all that red tape.  Read the fine print here on how to claim your remodel under medicare and also try to earn a few bob on the side.

Now I have quite a few issues with this story.  The "ex" had dodgy balustrading and little to no lighting, oh the travesty.

What the hell was wrong with the toilet the normal human asks.

Anyway the moral of the story was the day I read that article was the day I was truly proud to be a Queenslander. 

She's all yours Victoria.

So where is the weirdest place you have had to pee?

Frock It #7

This week we are heading to Eagle Farm in Brisbane, Queensland for the Stradbroke Handicap Day.  Now it is winter in Australia and this week has really had the temperature dial turned down to low.

This frock is worn by the absolutely stunning Megan Gale.

I love the simplicity of the dress and the hat.  The colour is just spot on for a winter race meet.

So click on the link and come join in. 

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Frock It #6

Am joining in this week on This Mid 30's Life blog hop.  Where you pick your frock of the week (hence the name)

I have also picked the Grand Prix which was held in Monacco.

Such a naturally stunning young woman but this dress just does nothing for me at all.  Her soon to be aunt however got it right I think.

All the old Neighbours watchers would be tickled pink at the thought of a Princess Charlene  *snort*

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Jack Sprat Could Eat No Fat...

Have you ever been in a relationship where your partner is on a get fit/lose weight program?

Well welcome to my life.  I am very proud of Snr for losing over 16kgs.  He is now at our starting weight from when we first met over 17 years ago..fark that makes us sound old.

Can you see where this post is going.  I am not at my starting weight.  Nor do I think I ever will be.  If you have read any of my posts over the years you will know that I am an out and proud lazy ass. 

If at the end of a long hard weekend I have left a warm arse indent on the couch well my heart could not be prouder.  If I have a cocktail in one hand and a wedge of cheese in the other, you can't wipe the grin off my face.  As much as I hate winter, in my house winter equals puddings for dessert...squeeeeeeallll.

As much as I would love to lose these pesky 10kgs to get me back to my starting weight my love of food and wine, my lack of inclination, motivation and a whole stack of other words ending ation prevent me from doing so.

So Jack Sprat good for you but me,  well I could eat no lean.

Do you feel guilty about your current weight or exercise regime or are you like me and  do you accept it and embrace it?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How's that working out for you - an update in 2011

Okay so my blogging has been sporadic and boring at best of late.  I tend to read a LOT of blogs.  I feel almost stalkerish and that I "know" these people and that me popping around and laying on their couch reading their magazines and drinking their alcohol and eating their food would be okay.  Sadly they would call the police on me and well lets face it, it would be weird.

So this morning I was reading through a few old posts and came across this post in 2009 of a bunch of resolutions but not really resolutions to achieve that year.

**to do the Couch to 5km running plan like my good friend Jodes (note to self buy some joggers).  I bought the joggers.  Two years later they still have that new shoe smell and look fantastic, that is probably due to the fact that they have been worn twice for jogging/walking purposes.  I also bought a cheap watch/stopwatch thingo as I didn't really want to run any longer than I had too.  It too is still going great guns.  The running well lets just say that I have the couch part down pat.

**do more sewing (note to self - you do not need anymore fabric you have enough to clothe a small village)
Yeah that didn't happen at all.  I did have to drag it out to sew on some patches for Ruby's Little Athletics shirt that she sooooo desperately wanted to join and went to 2 yes 2 sessions.  She shows great committment to things just like her mama.  The machine  is now gathering dust in the garage.

**be calmer and not wig out over the little things (note to self get some valium or stock up on some good bubbles)
Be wiggier and not calm.  Tick got that bit right...oh what you mean be calm and not wig out..oh sorry I failed in that department too.  Though I was very proud of the fact that I did not let out one single swear word when the "I didn't put the lid on my drink bottle properly incident" of last week resulted in wet jumpers, hats and a puddle in the boot of the car.  The fact that I was in the carpark of the school with lots of parents around had absolutely nothing to do with that, at all.

**follow a good skincare regime (note to self you ain't getting any younger this is a must)
Still not getting any younger - tick got that bit right.
Still pretty adhoc but I am getting better.  I bought all the good (read expensive) stuff and it looks nice and pretty in my bathroom. 

**return dvd's on time (note to self you cannot keep relying on your namesake - yes there is another Ellie Mae out there and she works at my local Blockbuster - to keep deleting your late fees because she feels some kind of kinship to you)
Wanted posters are now appearing in 4 out of 5 of my local video shops (I am old I still call DVD shops video stores).  I have taken to watching stuff on you tube and buying DVD's.  Hello Johnathon Rhy Meyers in the Tudors.

**write Christmas cards this year (note to self don't make it 3 years running with no cards sent)
I think I may have sent cards in 2009.  But I didn't in 2010 and I probably wont this year either.  Does a message on Facebook count?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Someone please come ruin my life like this.

What sort of mother goes and does that to their child?  Someone call DOCS on this woman, what was she thinking.

Poor Audrey!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Frogs you have been warned

Tomorrow the Littlest One turns three!!!

As I sit here typing this blog entry this time, 3 years ago we had just rung my mum and told her to come around to sleep at our place for the night as our last ever baby was coming...we think.

3 years ago today my last ever day of being pregnant.

Turns out she arrived the next day in her sweet pick-a-ninny time. But here safe and sound all the same.

I actually couldn't believe she was a girl. I think for the first hour all I could say was "oh she is a girl" I never really cared with the first 2 but I secretly wanted a girl for this third one just so that Baby Girl had a sister. I was (and still am) so very jealous of sisters. I only have brothers, good ones but I would love a sister to share sister stuff with.

So here are THREE things about the Littlest One:

She has a smart mouth:
ME: LO please hold my hand you are going to get hit by a trolley
LO: Dont you worry about me, just worry about what you are doing.

She loves Frogs:

She Rules our House:

Here she is looking a little Hitleresque.

Some days it feels like a lifetime but sure as heck these 3 years have gone fast. Time can stop for just a wee moment and let me saviour it a bit longer.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Today I would like to be here...

It is such a cliche but I really really would love to go back here. Especially now as we are having whine time here not to be confused with wine time. Two very different times.

Senior Hillbilly and I honeymooned in Greece and the Greek Islands and from the moment we landed, well not quite the moment as this was pre-olympics and the airport was like some dodgy regional Qld airport circa 1985, we fell instantly in love with this country.

The people literally embraced you every time and then in the next breath asked if you knew their cousin who was in Melbourne.

I am playing along with honey and fizz

I donate to the rich people too...

I am a giving person, just ask me.

So giving that I donated nearly $100 to the some of the richest men in Australia aka The Wiggles.

We have a ritual in our house that when you turn 2 you get taken to a real (not one of the fake rip off ones) Wiggles Concert.

So Jnr got taken in 2004 - our first Wiggles concert ever. I think I was more excited. oh those days when I wasn't a worn out, permanently tired gal and actually got excited about things rather than a muffled meh.

Baby Girl went in 2007 when I was fat and pregnant and oh so the last place I wanted to be was at the Entertainment Centre with thousands of excited toddlers and their over excited parents.

Well 2010 was the year for Boo (The Little One) and what a year it was. She was so excited and I was semi excited - well it was to be my last ever Wiggles Concert.


(Photo courtesy of my smart arse work mates who like to remind me of my stuff ups)

Well I got the date and time wrong didn't I.

File that in the You stuffed up folder.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Paint - Daring colours

Okay not sure if anyone is reading this anymore (or ever where) but here goes. I need help.

I need tips ideas and inspiration to take the plunge and paint Jnr's room navy. Not just any navy but the perfect navy blue.

I am not adverse to being bold with paint. We owned a house which you could almost call a rainbow, almost every room was a different colour (oh the early 90's hey).

So have you done it?

Would you do it?

have you seen it done well (or bad)?

Friday, November 26, 2010

1 year and 1 day

Since I last blogged. That will be 366 hail marys for you, you slack arse.

I really am lazy but surprised that I did in my first blog promise to do it for a year and I did (gobsmacked)

I still read heaps of blogs..Lots of blogs (thanks to my employer) and I have developed a love for a new genre of blog the social commentary mummy/mommy blogger. So I guess my love of reading those has definitely intimidated me in not wanting to post.

Also I have 9 follwers. Who knew I even knew 9 people. Poor buggers probably dont even bother with me anymore.

Anyway I am going to try and post more...I promise (fingers crossed behind my back while I smile sweetly at the screen)

Oh and based on my last post - I still nag...a lot.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Nagging is my specialty

I nag alot. No!!!! really I would never have guessed I hear you say. Well its true I do.

I know I do it but I just cant seem to stop.

It got so bad that I realised I had turned into horrible naggy parent. No one wants to be that parent do they. So I am trying to stop and part of that, was that I would no longer nag Jnr about the state of his room. As long as he kept the door shut so his sisters could not enter to get into any harm I was happy. Well sort of the inner anal OCD part of me hated it. Jnr thought all his Christmases had come at once.

Last night however Snr overruled this and he has to keep his room in some kind of order. I decided to keep out of it as I truly amsick of the sound of my own voice.

With holidays soom closing in on me I am scared of the anarchy that will ensue.

I came across this little gem

over at Modecokids.

So in the interests of less nagging and a small glimmer of sanity I hope to implement this little beauty and hope that it will result in less nagging.

Will keep you posted.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

49 more sleeps

Till I get to see my most favourite group of men together (excluding husband and son of course) I will be the old enough to know better but doesn't give a fig lady boppping like mad (see really showing my age by using the term bop) at the front.

Eeeekkkk so excited.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Just for Gina

Hi Gina *waves* and my poor neglected readers (if I have any left). Life has been busy and I have been slack so here is a quick pictorial update as to why I have been so neglectful.

We went here

Am growing these (hardy but difficult)

Making heaps of these (am a little bit addicted to making aprons atm)

Went without comfort for a short period

And building one of these

And that folks explains my absence. Hopefully the message I received this afternoon on my phone was the kick up the butt I needed to start blogging again.

Oh and Gina get your arse onto Facebook

p.s Jo would love some in kitchen action shots of the aprons (especially the red one with the red splashback :-)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Hunters & Gatherers

Here is Jnr with his first offical (did it all by himself) catch.

Just legal bream.

Panfried with a bit of chilli, parsley and butter. With some sweet potato fries on the side.

The little bits that he deigned us to try were quite delicious.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

MOre Sewing on a Sunday

This is becoming quite a productive habit of mine and just quietly I love it.

So here is a collection of stuff that I have made today and last week. The twin boys pram blankets (really crappy photos that I took on a windy day so had to hang on the clothesline - excuse the shadows).

A scarf I made using some Amy Butler that I had in my stash backed with pink flannel quite warm and cosy and pretty...

I have also made 2 aprons this week but no pictures I will wait until I get some action shots to blog about those.

A sneak peek at a little birthday gift.

And lastly the other day The Little One was super quiet you know so quiet you kind of gulp as you prepare yourself for major mayhem and destruction. No not this little angel she took her self into her sisters room and laid on a mattress that was out being used for cubby play time and was 'reading' awww bless her little cotton socks.
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