Saturday, July 2, 2011

Frock It #9

So I am a bit late in joining this week over at This Mid 30's Life 

So Kate Moss got married.  You either love her or hate her, or you could be a fence sitter like me.

I think I love her dress, though I hate the pixie look lining at the top of her thighs. Do love the veil/headpiece.  The dress is designed by currently disgraced designer Galliano.

Do however think that the little flowergirl attendants dresses are just divine.  And the look is very boho Kate.

So what do you think of her dress?

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This Mid 30s Life said...

Thanks for joining in! Frock It is looking a little quiet this week :-(

I think she looks great, as usual, but I don't know what I think of her dress. Like you, I love what her attendants are wearing. LOVE the flowers too.

Then again, it's hard for her to look bad isn't it.

Glynis said...

Don´t like it - is it de rigeur to have your nipples on display at your wedding? As for the head dress it looks like a dishcloth.

For style look at Kate Middleton´s purple dress in Canada.

Clare Priest said...

I LOVE her veil and headpiece but when I first saw the pics yesterday I didn't like the dress, I felt it was too predictable and not very bridal.

And then I saw another picture this morning and she has blatantly got her nipples on show & I just thought ugh, disgusting trollop to have her nips on show in a church wedding!

So no, I don't like it at all, plus it's so sheer at the bottom, you are one bright sunbeam away from seeing things you never want to see on a bride...

However, one thing I do like is the sparkle on it!

She's nothing if not controversial; she was never going to wear a strapless Pronovias. Rock 'n' Roll!

Caroline said...

Overall I thought the look of the whole wedding was lovely - but I'm with Glynis on the nipple thing!!

Ellie said...

Totally agree about the nipples ladies. I tried to find one that didn't have them on show.

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