Monday, June 13, 2011

How to claim vajayjay remodeling under Medicare

A nip and tuck here and there would be great I think most days.  But just not there!!!!

For the average joe the costs of "remodelling" are quite prohibitive and totally not claimable under the Medicare Scheme...damn it.

But one ingenious lady sheila in Victoria figured a way to get around all that red tape.  Read the fine print here on how to claim your remodel under medicare and also try to earn a few bob on the side.

Now I have quite a few issues with this story.  The "ex" had dodgy balustrading and little to no lighting, oh the travesty.

What the hell was wrong with the toilet the normal human asks.

Anyway the moral of the story was the day I read that article was the day I was truly proud to be a Queenslander. 

She's all yours Victoria.

So where is the weirdest place you have had to pee?

Frock It #7

This week we are heading to Eagle Farm in Brisbane, Queensland for the Stradbroke Handicap Day.  Now it is winter in Australia and this week has really had the temperature dial turned down to low.

This frock is worn by the absolutely stunning Megan Gale.

I love the simplicity of the dress and the hat.  The colour is just spot on for a winter race meet.

So click on the link and come join in. 

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Frock It #6

Am joining in this week on This Mid 30's Life blog hop.  Where you pick your frock of the week (hence the name)

I have also picked the Grand Prix which was held in Monacco.

Such a naturally stunning young woman but this dress just does nothing for me at all.  Her soon to be aunt however got it right I think.

All the old Neighbours watchers would be tickled pink at the thought of a Princess Charlene  *snort*
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