Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I swore I wouldn't...

cry but I did.

Not once but three times.

Once as we arrived in the carpark, once when we were introduced and then when I had to leave.

Yep Hillbilly Jnr started prep today.

Personally I thought I was a bit of a hard arse but it would seem I have a rather mushy centre, or it could be just those damn pregnancy hormones striking again.

I assume they all grow into their hats!

Chiropractors all around the world rub their hands with glee

Just for the record this photo was just for posterity I did not make the poor lad carry that big heavy bag on his back.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Smarten Up Regular Reader

I came across the most hilarious comment left on another blog I assume I have witty regular readers who will one day leave me such a note worthy comment.


The comment was

As you are probably aware, I am a PROFESSIONAL CHEF with a Master’s
certification as a PASTRY CHEF from Peter Kump’s Culinary School in my hometown
of Brooklyn, NY.
Also, I am a SENIOR ADVISOR for Mr. Ed Levine’s website,
SeriousEats as well as a BOOK CRITIC for Amazon.com.
I would have to say that
my boyfriend “Big Bear” (he weighs 437 pounds and looks exactly like Bobby Hill
on “King of the Hill” program) and I approve of your cookie recipe.
AS most
of my friends know, “Bear” has lost most of his teeth because he abused METH. He
must have cookies that he can eat with his bare gums. Your cookies look
delicious and I’m sure he will be able to eat them.

Deadset that has just tickled my funnybone big time.

In response you will probably leave comment that maybe I should write something worthy of such a fine comment.

I will try my best I promise.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Foul Moods, Heat and Coffee

Well decaf anyway - is that still real coffee.

Though I often wonder if the baristas just think oh bugger that and give us the real deal.

I am in a foul foul mood today and poor Snr Hillbilly is copping it like no other. I have fed my face, laid on the couch, fed my face some more and still no improvement. Even the PeanutButter Cups a dear friend has sent me are giving me no joy.

This is my first summer pregnancy and I feel like a huge lump. Whilst the heat is quite bearable with a huge tum I just feel blergh which is probably contributing to my foul mood.

On an upbeat side I met some lovely ladies yesterday in my new 'village' so that was nice. I normally get last minute jitters and pull out of things like this but I made myself go and whilst I could only stay for a short while I did enjoy my decaf latte morning out.

Day at home alone tomorrow - I need to sort out this sewing machine I don't think I have threaded it correctly and the thread keeps going all funny. I just don't do instructions very well. But I guess I will have to forego my no instruction manual rule and suck it up and read the damn thing. DAMN IT!!!!!!!

Oh wasn't this just a joyous read...sorry.

Friday, January 18, 2008


Now please let me just say up front I am the biggest sceptic on earth. I don't buy into the whole ghost, talking to spirits, psychics, esp, fortune tellers, tarots etc. But I had a dream... ha ha

and it linked to something in real life. So I just wanted to write it down because I am still a wow about it.

Okay now I have built it up to be something huge - well this is going to be a huge disappointment now (yep okay get on with it ..I am I am but I like the sound of my own voice - you see in my head this is a movie and I am the voice over)

Anyway my dream was that I went into labour and I was on a gurney in the hospital corridor and the midwife said to me I am going to hook you up to the security cameras so you can watch yourself on the tv screen give birth seconds after she hooked me up and turned the tv on I gave birth to a breach baby and I kept proclaiming about how painless it was.

Okay so that was the dream...

Now yesterday I had my appt with Dr Sauerkraut (my dear lovely german OB) and guess what the baby is in a breach position. From almost day one it has been transverse but now it is breach... I wonder if it turned on that night I had the dream.

Anyway I am still a sceptic but I just wanted to jot that down for future rememberance.

p.s I am so in lust with Bernard Fanning at the moment.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Random Thoughts

No real logic just a bubble of random thoughts running through my head...bear with me.

1. Why is it whenever I sit on the pc (well not literally sit on the computer but at the desk) my feet swell?

2. Why can't I define the genre of music I listen too it is far too weird my tastes to categorise.

3. The little voyeour in me just loves reading peoples blogs. I have come across one which is like a soap opera it is like a car wreck that you can't look away from.

4. Why have I spent a small fortune on a new sewing machines, fabric and other sewing paraphenalia but am yet to even take the aforementioned sewing machine out of its new box.

5. Does anyone know where the volume control is on a small toddler. No seriously Baby Hillbilly only has one volume and that is really really loud. I think the neighbours have started a "Let's kick 'em out of the street" campaign.

6. And I need to remember to capture on dvd a mini movie of Baby Hillbilly showing us her muscles. It is her latest trick and ever so endearing to her Muu Muu.

7. Lychees - can't get enough of them.

8. Low Iron just sucks...

Okay that feels better

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Hillbilly Snr's Fake Tan Incident

Oh Hillbilly Snr we do love you and the funny little things you do.

This evening when I went to take a shower I noticed a bottle of that J&J Holiday Moisturiser (think fake tan) on the bathroom bench. Now I know I never had it out as the stuff is crap and I now sit and wonder why I am yet to throw it out..I digress..

Anyways..I was inwardly groaning thinking that Hillbilly Snr has rubbed it over his slightly sunburnt shoulders and now there would be all these horrible brown stains on my good sheets but alas no Hillbilly Snr way too clever for that he used it to rub into his chaffed groin area.

So guess who has the best tanned bits this evening...

Friday, January 4, 2008

Bjorn Bjork reincarnated

This could be Bjorn's love child...rofl gotta love Baby Hillbilly even when she does drive her mumma absolutely insane.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Politically Incorrect

But I am sick to death of the bloody rain. Yeah Yeah I know we need it.

And I also hate the fact that after I whinge about it to someone I must add some droll politically correct statement to unvalidate my whinge.

Just let me whinge about the damn rain. I want to go float my fat tum in the ocean.

Oh just because she is so damn cute Baby Hillbilly modelling latest Osh Kosh Dress.

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