Friday, January 18, 2008


Now please let me just say up front I am the biggest sceptic on earth. I don't buy into the whole ghost, talking to spirits, psychics, esp, fortune tellers, tarots etc. But I had a dream... ha ha

and it linked to something in real life. So I just wanted to write it down because I am still a wow about it.

Okay now I have built it up to be something huge - well this is going to be a huge disappointment now (yep okay get on with it ..I am I am but I like the sound of my own voice - you see in my head this is a movie and I am the voice over)

Anyway my dream was that I went into labour and I was on a gurney in the hospital corridor and the midwife said to me I am going to hook you up to the security cameras so you can watch yourself on the tv screen give birth seconds after she hooked me up and turned the tv on I gave birth to a breach baby and I kept proclaiming about how painless it was.

Okay so that was the dream...

Now yesterday I had my appt with Dr Sauerkraut (my dear lovely german OB) and guess what the baby is in a breach position. From almost day one it has been transverse but now it is breach... I wonder if it turned on that night I had the dream.

Anyway I am still a sceptic but I just wanted to jot that down for future rememberance.

p.s I am so in lust with Bernard Fanning at the moment.

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