Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Time Out

This evening Snr Hillbilly (SH) put himself in the timeout corner. Self imposed of course.

When he came out of time out he claimed I had that look in my eye. So he removed himself from the situation to avoid Mt Vesuvius mid eruption (ummm apparently that would be me).

These baby browns apparently have 'a look'. Pity the look is not of the supermodel variety otherwise we would have hired help and I could have put my swollen tootsies up thus avoiding use of 'the look'.

Anyway off to the mirror to practice the look.... *evil laugh* the power I wield.

Just to add SH was helping but just not quick enough nor did he have his mind reading ability to pre empt my needs and wants tuned in...Keep up SH.


I have been tagged by Shannon now I am new to this whole blog concept so don't actually recall Shannon touching me but we shall run with it?

So anyway why do I blog. Mainly because I am extremely egotistical and I think that everyone will be intrigued by the day to day mundaneness (is that even a word?) of my life. I try not to blog the fact that I have vacuumed (though I have mentioned that Snr Hillbilly did with a pic to prove) just highlights, lowlights and funny little tidbits that I think you all really really must know about.
Also like Shannon I have never been very good at keeping a diary - even with several failed attempts under my belt (even a redundant blog) I set myself a mini challenge to keep it up. To keep us interested Shannon and I also try to set ourselves mini challenges (like Monday Memory) to keep us motivated.

Now who to tag now this is where the egotist in me sobs and self doubt kicks in as I am not really sure if I have regular readers so I shall 'tag' Superbonus Mothership and Emma as I am pretty sure that they check in on me but tagging them is like tagging your mum dad and sister. I wonder if I have other regular readers but I just don't know it?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The scourge of the modern age

Is the mobile phone.

Its a case of cant live without them but hate with a passion the darn things.

Reasons why I hate thee....

  • I often leave it in the car so I miss important calls or sms messages. (Sorry Kel I missed the all important arrival of Oliver)
  • The battery is always flat and I can't find the charger or forget to pack it (Sorry Ren and H1)
  • I am useless at sending a text (they frustrate me no end) - (Sorry to just everyone that I send one to - or don't as the case may be)
  • I can never find the damn thing when I do hear it ring (again sorry to the general population who try to call me)
  • It gives me a heart attack everytime it actually rings (is this a sign that I am getting old?)
  • When it does ring - I sit and wonder whose phone is ringing, realising too little too late that it is actually mine.
  • When I am out and about and need to use it I have left it at home.
  • I hate people who talk really loud on them in public places.
  • People who wander around in circles whilst talking on the mobile really annoy me too.
  • When you are in a meeting and someone keeps taking calls - now that really pisses me off.
  • People who constantly sms - are we losing the art of conversation?
  • Young children who have mobile phones. What the fuck could they possibly need a mobile phone for?
  • Teenagers sending themselves or their parents broke using them.

Now after reading all those whinges is it really the fault of the phone or is it really just me!!! I shall ponder that...

But most of all I hate the fact that I blame the phone when really I could use a normal telephone and directory assistance to make those all important phone calls.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday Memories - Week 3

Okay so now I am really starting to stuggle as there was a really really important memory that I wanted to do this week but could not find a suitable photo so maybe next week. So instead this week you get my first flowergirl duties snapshot.

I am not quite sure of the year but it was between 1980 - 1983 so would have been maybe in either Grade 1 or 2 from memory.
My most distinct memory of this day is getting my hair done in 2 braids and then having little sprigs of baby's breath stuck very 80's rofl. Also my other memory is of me thinking I was so very glamorous that whenever a camera was around I went into supermodel vs the paparazzi type mode where all my shots would be absolutely stunning but I was not posing. In the end my grandfather very patiently asked me to stand still so he could get a shot of me.
My mum also has a photo of me in this outfit standing outside the very beautiful sandstone church in the guest bedroom at her place. I think mainly because the room has a maroon themed bedspread and the photo matches the decor...

Monday, February 18, 2008

Monday Memories - Week 2

The year was 1997. The location - Las Ramblas, Barcelona. I was 23 and this was my first big trip overseas.

Now the ironic part of this whole Monday memory is that I actually don't remember a whole lot about this night except I have this photo and a wooden spoon which I souvenired from one of the many jugs of sangria I guzzled that evening.

Oh hang on I do remember having a really really bad hangover the next day. And just so you know I still have the wooden spoon.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday spent

going to the markets and buying some dragon fruit. I had never tasted it before and so was slightly intrigued.

We also bought Grandma Hillbilly some lovely lilliums just because...

Then we invited ourselves over for Sunday breakfast which was bacon, organic scrambled eggs, swiss brown mushrooms with baby roma tomatoes all grilled on the bbq.

All up a great way to spend a Sunday morning.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Things are pretty bad when...

try to race walk an 80 year old pensioner up the ramp at your local Woolies.

Yes it is true. The sad part is I think he knew I was trying to beat him as we were neck and neck for a while.

You know I felt great...oh for about 2 minutes till the reality of the poor old pensioners age actually kicked in.

I then had to go home and lay down to recover from the whole ordeal.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Monday Memories - Week 1

Yeah Yeah I know it is Tuesday but I am running a tad late.

Anyway this is a little challenge that Shannon and I have set for each other. Well my brilliant idea to keep us going with our blogs but Shannon has set the bar rather high with her memory so this could in actual fact be a real fizzer of an idea.


My memory for this week is a picture of me and my little brother - I think we must be around 7 and 4 and we are at my Nanny's house. The most poignant part of this picture for me is not the actual people but the the little room you can see at the rear of the house. This is where my brother and I would play for hours it was like a granny flat/family room but had its own entrance. We would play 'house' in there for hours.

We used to love going to my Nanny's place as she would play with us and I mean really play we had run of the house and we were only limited by our own imagination. Now my Nanny is Irish they immigrated in the 60's to Australia and she lived through 2 wars and a depression so to say she was a bit of a hoarder was an understatement. Her cupboards and drawers were like little treasure troves.

Looking at this photo evokes lots of little things, the wigs I used to brush for hours on end and spray with Taft hairspray, potato bread and soda bread (those with Irish heritage will know what I mean...yummmm) , baileys (not that I was drinking it at 7 but my nanny would have a wee sip of it on special occassions, playing cards and that really ugly gas heater she owned. Also the hedge that my brother and I used to love getting into with the big garden that I am a mother who in their right mind would give a 7 year old huge garden shears to play with.

So that regular readers is my memory for Monday

Sunday, February 10, 2008

True Act of Mother Love

Last night Baby Hillbilly was laying on the couch and she proclaimed that she had a booger in her nose.

This then followed with a...

" Mummy can you pick the boogers out please..."

So dutiful mother did..of course.

So what did you do on Saturday I picked boogers!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

An official Record

4 blogs in one day...oh lord I need to get out more.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Just for the record

I am extremely busy at work.

And that is all I have to say on that matter.

Words that make you laugh

For me it is the word pash...

I know stupid hey but it makes me giggle like a naughty school girl.

A girlfriend just sent me an email stating she wanted to pash her boss....oh man I laughed.

What word makes you giggle?

Just to add she wanted to pash him in the gosh I am relieved to see him sense not I want to bonk his brains out sense....I think...hee hee

Pisses Me off

That the calendar/clock on this blog is in what I presume is U.S time.

pffft to that.

Very excited

The lovely and talented Emma has started work on Baby Hillbilly's big girls bed quilt.

Now if you have ever visited the Hillbilly Household you will have been shown the first quilt that Emma made for Baby Hillbilly for her 1st Birthday.

I think if the house were to be engulfed by flames this is the first thing I would doubt I would have to run back into the flames to grab the kids....joking. But I do treasure this quilt immensely.

When I get home I will take a picture of this quilt to show you all...just in case you haven't been to my house.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Lovely Lunch

Today Snr Hillbilly took me out for lunch.

It was lovely to eat in the relative peace of a bustling cafe sans the kids.

Snr Hillbilly had a Cuban Sandwhich which I forgot to ask him how it was as I was too busy inhaling my own lunch it was just delicious.

I had the Bruschetta special which had on it rare roast beef, rocket, blue cheese, regiano, onion jam and mayo.

I now have approx 5 hours to make room for Chinese for dinner.

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Skating on Thin Ice

After my last blog I thought I made myself abundantly clear but obviously not...

Conversation between Snr Hillbilly and myself last night...

SH: I think you are having a boy!

me: Oh really why do you say that?

SH: oh because...oh it doesn't matter...

Now I know Snr Hillbilly has a theory (he has heard it via his mother) that if you have a boy you carry it in the arse aka he was telling me my arse was huge.

Count to ten...calm blue ocean and all that shit...

Monday, February 4, 2008

These are the rules

One rule and one rule only..

I, me, moi, myself, am the only repeat only person allowed to say I am huge.

I swear the next person to say I am huge gets it...

Okay you have all been warned.

And that is all I have to say on this matter.

Domestic Goddess

God Bless RDO's - or for those not in the know the Rostered Day Off.

Now normally my RDO consists of grocery shopping, preparing a fanatastic meal and madly cleaning the house as it is a good opportunity with no one about to get it done and have it stay clean for longer than 1/2 hour.

Today was a no housework day - yes now I know those who know me well know that I have quite a few of those a week but today was for me to do as I pleased.

First up after the kids were fed, watered, dressed and dropped off I went to town and had a delectable breakfast of bagels, cream cheese, smoked salmon and avocado accompanied with the most delectable french milk hot chocolate it is $6 a glass but worth every single cent. I then did a wee bit of retail therapy - bought a friend who just had a delicious baby boy a little present and something for myself - of course.

Then I came home and sewed and baked....GASP

I know... but anyway here is the end result and the work in progress that will be new baby's quilt for the cot.

Oh and by the way dinner tonight is a bbq chook with some salad and pita bread...

Brownies and Orange & Poppyseed Muffins

Rainbows and Sewing

I am afraid regular reader that this week I have come to the realisation that I have become a cliche.

Married, 2.5 kids, the family car, brick surburbia, sea changers. Not claiming one iota that my life is perfect but I guess if you were to peer in through a window you could make that assumption. Just dont peek around 5-6pm when the kids are tired and hungry and everyone is counting down the minutes till bedtime.

Also don't peek when I have fed the kids chocolate or given them 2 min noodles for dinner. I am sure that these Uber Mummies dont do all of those things.

I seem to have caught my pregnancy sewing bug again..only this time I have taken it a step further and actually purchased a sewing machine. I finished my first 'item' and it could either turn out to be the most expensive crayon roll or I will find my groove and actually get quite mediocre at this sewing gig and actually make a few things.

The photos for this entry are of a beautiful rainbow we woke up to the other morning as well as the crayon roll I made for Jnr Hillbilly he liked it - crooked sewing and all.
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