Friday, February 25, 2011

Today I would like to be here...

It is such a cliche but I really really would love to go back here. Especially now as we are having whine time here not to be confused with wine time. Two very different times.

Senior Hillbilly and I honeymooned in Greece and the Greek Islands and from the moment we landed, well not quite the moment as this was pre-olympics and the airport was like some dodgy regional Qld airport circa 1985, we fell instantly in love with this country.

The people literally embraced you every time and then in the next breath asked if you knew their cousin who was in Melbourne.

I am playing along with honey and fizz

I donate to the rich people too...

I am a giving person, just ask me.

So giving that I donated nearly $100 to the some of the richest men in Australia aka The Wiggles.

We have a ritual in our house that when you turn 2 you get taken to a real (not one of the fake rip off ones) Wiggles Concert.

So Jnr got taken in 2004 - our first Wiggles concert ever. I think I was more excited. oh those days when I wasn't a worn out, permanently tired gal and actually got excited about things rather than a muffled meh.

Baby Girl went in 2007 when I was fat and pregnant and oh so the last place I wanted to be was at the Entertainment Centre with thousands of excited toddlers and their over excited parents.

Well 2010 was the year for Boo (The Little One) and what a year it was. She was so excited and I was semi excited - well it was to be my last ever Wiggles Concert.


(Photo courtesy of my smart arse work mates who like to remind me of my stuff ups)

Well I got the date and time wrong didn't I.

File that in the You stuffed up folder.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Paint - Daring colours

Okay not sure if anyone is reading this anymore (or ever where) but here goes. I need help.

I need tips ideas and inspiration to take the plunge and paint Jnr's room navy. Not just any navy but the perfect navy blue.

I am not adverse to being bold with paint. We owned a house which you could almost call a rainbow, almost every room was a different colour (oh the early 90's hey).

So have you done it?

Would you do it?

have you seen it done well (or bad)?
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