Monday, December 31, 2007

No coconut and No chocolate in sight...

Yep I got my 3rd and final bounty bag today. And as the title suggests not an ounce of chocolate in the damn thing...

Still unsure about whether I should be sad, scared or excited.

Also did my glucose challenge test today. The patholgy guy was a sweety but man was he finicky and slow just get on it with it my lad. Must admit I did enjoy the hour of solitude and sloth just lounging in the waiting room waiting to get my bloods done.

Well it is NYE and Jnr and Baby Hillbilly are in bed asleep and Hillbilly Snr is out on the town. Muu muu (that is me and my current favoured attire) are up for a night of surfing with my frosty glass with San Pellegrino, lemon wedges and peeled lychees ready to see the new year in...or not Baby Hillbilly likes to rise early.

My only wish for 2008 is a safe and healthy new baby and healthy kids. Also Jnr Hillbilly starts prep so I also pray for no tears (from all parties)

Monday, December 24, 2007

Twas the day before Christmas...

and we were madly baking and cleaning.

Well the other hillbillies were I am the supervisor of this little work crew so as crew leader I must delegate (from the couch)

I love a man who knows how to handle a Volta 2000

We also made gingerbread cookies using angel, christmas tree, star and santa cookie cutters. Have just finished quality control on that job. (aka eating all the crap looking ones washed down with a glass of egg nog)

And last task for the day was to try and get the kids to pose nicely in front of the christmas tree...ha (like that was ever going to happen). Hillbilly baby loves her hat so much she even wore it to sleep today.

Friday, December 21, 2007


Cherry-Berry and Mango-Berry Jam

Still only semi organised but I have managed to make jam - how hillbilly is that!

Tis so kitsch that I have even put on some christmas fabric toppers, would have been way over the top to put red gingham.

I hope the recipients enjoy them.

Merry Kitschmas Everyone...

Note to recipients - all products have not been tested on animals but kindly parentals who get the dregs of the jam pots. So far all thumbs up on current stock.

My Emo Baby

Well I have finally succumbed and my baby girl has a black outfit. Must have been the day for emo baby because I also purchased arrival #3 one of those new black and white striped easy all in one bonds jumpsuit. Easy apparently being the operative word. Word on the street is that they are not so easy.
Baby Hillbilly modelling baby emo with dolly accessories.

So we will have to wait and see if Hillbilly Snr's prediction of level of difficulty is correct.

Just quietly between you and me. I would never admit it to him.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Note to Self

Buy batteries in preparation for Christmas Day

To assume that I know which kinds of batteries to buy would mean that I would have written down some notes to self prior to wrapping the damn gifts.
So to ensure happy hillbillies...just buy a whole heap of all different kinds.
To my adoring public..if by chance I come on here and whinge after Christmas about how the hillbillies had to look at their battery operated gifts and imagine what they would do if they had batteries then I really only have my self to blame - ignore my whinge okay and please do not give me any of those crappy cyber hugs.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Total chaos

Another year has passed and yet somehow I am still totally disorganised. Well actually half disorganised. I have half the tree up, half the shopping done and half the presents wrapped.

Note: Box of decorations to the side still to be put up.

All my good intentions are just that good intentions as well as lists with lots to do and get on them.

But alas I get sucked into a good ol game of online scrabble and there go my good intentions. Although I do refer to my dabbling in the scrabble world as a form of self education. Some of the new words I have learnt are amazing.

Belly growing at fast rate, Little hillbilly in the throes of the terrible twos. With hillbilly Jnr learning the art of chucking a good ol aussie sickie. Hillbilly Snr still a trooper and putting up with Mumma's vengeful hormonal mood swings and still managing to have the mojo to do housework, cooking chores for us all. We love Hillbilly Snr...we really do.
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