Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Total chaos

Another year has passed and yet somehow I am still totally disorganised. Well actually half disorganised. I have half the tree up, half the shopping done and half the presents wrapped.

Note: Box of decorations to the side still to be put up.

All my good intentions are just that good intentions as well as lists with lots to do and get on them.

But alas I get sucked into a good ol game of online scrabble and there go my good intentions. Although I do refer to my dabbling in the scrabble world as a form of self education. Some of the new words I have learnt are amazing.

Belly growing at fast rate, Little hillbilly in the throes of the terrible twos. With hillbilly Jnr learning the art of chucking a good ol aussie sickie. Hillbilly Snr still a trooper and putting up with Mumma's vengeful hormonal mood swings and still managing to have the mojo to do housework, cooking chores for us all. We love Hillbilly Snr...we really do.

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