Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tagged - Christmas Dinner

Our table from last year

I have been tagged by Jodie
about our Christmas dinner.

Basically apart from opening Santa's presents we pretty much spend the day at my parents place with any other friends or family who are visiting. This year it will be just my mum and dad plus the Hillbilly's. My brother will spend it with his in-laws.

Breakfast is eggs benedict with salmon and for the non salmon lovers the ham version we normally eat that out by the pool as it is still cool enough.

After breakfast we open the presents

Lunch this year will be cold turkey, ham and pork with roast vegetables, german potato salad, sweet potato salad, prawns, oysters, bugs and crabmeat.

Dessert this year we have 3 one is something with mangoes (cant remember my mum did tell me but I tuned out) this decadent chocolate meringue thing made by my mum for Snr and I am making the Raspberry & Turkish Delight Ice cream cake which is on the front of the Family Circle Christmas edition this year. I made the mango ice cream cake out of last years Family Circle christmas edition (this is a great magazine to keep for the festive season)

Most importantly I have a bottle of Moet chilling in the fridge as I type and this year I am not driving, incubating or feeding a baby and that bottle is all mine. Alllllllllllll mine you hear....

Okay so I tag


A lot to blog about

I have about a million things to blog but just have been really slack. I am really struggling with my lack of enthusiasm about Christmas this year. I want to be excited but just can't for some reason. Oh well maybe next year hey.

While we were away for the week catching up with some lovely friends a parcel arrived for moi from my lovely talented friend Lisa I am guessing it was a christmas present but damn that who can wait so I ripped it open and received this loveliness.

Secondly my darling gorgeous friend Mothership did me a huge favour as I subtley hinted that these markets would be excellent (and apparently they were) to get me this bag from Beckybean I had been eyeing this bag off for ages

and thought I would get Mothership to check it out for me and if it was as cute in real life as it looked on the blog then to get it for me and get it she did all wrapped up gorgeously in brown paper with red string and buttons.

So anyway heaps more to blog (and one is about a big dangerous bloody snake) so will be back later.


Sunday, December 7, 2008


Who owns those cute clean kids.

Sweet Jnr
Precious Little One
Spirited Baby Girl (tattoo's and all)

Well here they are all dressed up and ready to attend Carols on the foreshore but the thunder and lightning put a halt to proceedings so we took our takeaway pizza and glo stick bracelets home and put on a Christmas CD and did it at home. Not quite the same but you can't control the weather (and if by chance you are reading this and you CAN control the weather can you adjust the temperature gauge it is a tad too high up this way). The tinlids were a bit disappointed but a few tears later and promises of some yummy biscotti all was forgotten.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Last Day of School

Well we have officially survived the first year of school 12 more years to go, well for this one anyway.

It has been a year all of highs and I hope that this continues throughout Jnr's whole school life.

To finish off the year instead of Christmas cards Jnr will give each classmate a gingerbread tree (yes they are supposed to look like trees).

Much nicer to eat than a paper card I think.
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