Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tagged - Christmas Dinner

Our table from last year

I have been tagged by Jodie
about our Christmas dinner.

Basically apart from opening Santa's presents we pretty much spend the day at my parents place with any other friends or family who are visiting. This year it will be just my mum and dad plus the Hillbilly's. My brother will spend it with his in-laws.

Breakfast is eggs benedict with salmon and for the non salmon lovers the ham version we normally eat that out by the pool as it is still cool enough.

After breakfast we open the presents

Lunch this year will be cold turkey, ham and pork with roast vegetables, german potato salad, sweet potato salad, prawns, oysters, bugs and crabmeat.

Dessert this year we have 3 one is something with mangoes (cant remember my mum did tell me but I tuned out) this decadent chocolate meringue thing made by my mum for Snr and I am making the Raspberry & Turkish Delight Ice cream cake which is on the front of the Family Circle Christmas edition this year. I made the mango ice cream cake out of last years Family Circle christmas edition (this is a great magazine to keep for the festive season)

Most importantly I have a bottle of Moet chilling in the fridge as I type and this year I am not driving, incubating or feeding a baby and that bottle is all mine. Alllllllllllll mine you hear....

Okay so I tag



Lisa said...

Thanks Ellie! Have just done mine... making me feel full talking about all that food already!

Sharon said...

Oooh how did the Ice Cream cake turn out? It looks so divine....but we were at mum's place and she had organised something else.
I did make the Cran-marnier truffles in that issue though..mmmmm mmmm mmmmm lol
Hope you had a great Christmas and catch up in the New year.

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