Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Nagging is my specialty

I nag alot. No!!!! really I would never have guessed I hear you say. Well its true I do.

I know I do it but I just cant seem to stop.

It got so bad that I realised I had turned into horrible naggy parent. No one wants to be that parent do they. So I am trying to stop and part of that, was that I would no longer nag Jnr about the state of his room. As long as he kept the door shut so his sisters could not enter to get into any harm I was happy. Well sort of the inner anal OCD part of me hated it. Jnr thought all his Christmases had come at once.

Last night however Snr overruled this and he has to keep his room in some kind of order. I decided to keep out of it as I truly amsick of the sound of my own voice.

With holidays soom closing in on me I am scared of the anarchy that will ensue.

I came across this little gem

over at Modecokids.

So in the interests of less nagging and a small glimmer of sanity I hope to implement this little beauty and hope that it will result in less nagging.

Will keep you posted.
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