Saturday, April 19, 2008

Introducing the Little One

Finally here she is laying on the beautiful quilt made by Emma (there are better pics on Emma's blog). Words fail me at Emma's generosity and talent. We truly are a lucky household to have 3 of her creations.

The Little One is going great and has me totally besotted. Pity the mother ain't so grand. The old milker has a lovely bout of mastitis.

Baby and Junior thinks she is the bees knees and it is a full time job keeping the little one 'safe' from their affectionate kisses and cuddles.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Oh and just in case

you weren't one of the 2 million people who received either an email or an sms..The babeeeeeee has arrived.

And to say she is gorgeous well is totally an understatement.

The Stats are:

7th April 2008
8lb 1 oz
53 cm long

Watch this space for more updates.

Hey you stole my name!!!

Apparently there are two of us out world.

Special mention to Miss K for sending me this little ripper.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The bed is made.

I think I have finally gotten over my phobia of letting Baby HB touch the quilt. I may even let her sleep in her own bed tonight.

So here is the final result from the very talented Emma . All the talent of the actual bed making is my very own with no help from anyone.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

An 'oh fuck' moment

Snr Hillbilly and I have just finished getting lunches ready for school and daycare tomorrow. With the arrival of number 3 due any minute now we just realised that we have 18 more years of this ahead of us. SH will be 55 and I will be 51.

Hence the oh fuck

What will you be doing when you are in your 50's Well this little Hillbilly household will be making our last sandwich...Maybe we might do tuckshop that year.

Secretly I am praying that by then we will be living a little more like The Jetsons and I can just pop a pill in their pocket or something...

My last one..sob sob

I can not get enough of these things. The ironic part of it all is, is that I detest peanut butter.

Why cant I like a chocolate that is easy to buy at the shop....oh no my tastebuds have to go and choose something really hard to get.

I took these photos as it was my last one and I wanted to capture the moment. My girlfriend bought over when she was in Australia from Walmart for a pack of ten for 99 cents. I have to pay nearly $5 for a pack of two over here.

So what is your little food weakness.?
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