Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My last one..sob sob

I can not get enough of these things. The ironic part of it all is, is that I detest peanut butter.

Why cant I like a chocolate that is easy to buy at the shop....oh no my tastebuds have to go and choose something really hard to get.

I took these photos as it was my last one and I wanted to capture the moment. My girlfriend bought over when she was in Australia from Walmart for a pack of ten for 99 cents. I have to pay nearly $5 for a pack of two over here.

So what is your little food weakness.?


Tracey said...

Jolly Ranchers are my weakness from another country. They are about $8 for 5 lollies here. I got my friend in the US to send me a packet - she sent me 2 packets of those and a packet of these other yummy lollies. They are so cheap there. Maybe your friend could send them to you every now and then.

Mmmmm now to go hunting for Jolly Ranchers in the cupboard.

Emma said...

Have you tried USA foods online? It's an imported of American products not in supermarkets, based in Melbourne. I can't remember the website, but I'm sure it'd be easy enough to find.

Shel said...

Elli - do you want some more?? We have a chocolate thing at work and I'd be more than happy to send a tired pregnant woman a few icky peanut butter cups!!

Shannon knows I'm not insane, so there's little to no chance of the product containing anthrax.... ;)

TheCrone said...

I have a recipe for peanut butter balls which I have been told is just like Reece's Pieces ;)

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