Tuesday, April 1, 2008

An 'oh fuck' moment

Snr Hillbilly and I have just finished getting lunches ready for school and daycare tomorrow. With the arrival of number 3 due any minute now we just realised that we have 18 more years of this ahead of us. SH will be 55 and I will be 51.

Hence the oh fuck

What will you be doing when you are in your 50's Well this little Hillbilly household will be making our last sandwich...Maybe we might do tuckshop that year.

Secretly I am praying that by then we will be living a little more like The Jetsons and I can just pop a pill in their pocket or something...

1 comment:

Mothership said...

Problem is Clamps, that by the time you're THAT age, there's every chance that the kids will be wanting to pop a pill in YOUR pocket - if you know what I mean! :P

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