Monday, July 25, 2011

Golden Blog Find

There are a lot of blogs about.
 (that little tidbit from me in case you didn't know)

You can spend hours linking up to new discoveries and blog hopping all over the joint.

I happened upon this little gem this morning and it really made my bitch-o-meter jump with joy.

My new favourite blog:

Suri your little designer ass used to tick me off but now I just love love love you. Go check it out and tell me you don't just love it.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Unknow It

On Saturday I was told something that irrevocably changed my world and rocked me to my core.

I want to go back to that time and be untold just for a week or two, to when I was pure and innocent and my world was pretty good.

It took a lot of courage for this person to tell me this news and I am thankful that they did but I really just want to put my rose coloured glasses back on and bask in the winter sunshine.

Have you ever been told something and then immediately wanted to unknow it?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Gwyneth Hating the lazy lady sport

I was over at This Mid 30's Life reading her latest post (swear I am not a stalker) and it got me to thinking I actually do participate in sport.  The sport of bagging the shit out of Gwyneth.  I realised I am not alone in fact we could actually make this a team sport and have a round robin game draw.  I mean we could even have uniforms.

So why do we hate her so much?

Did it start off because of her boyfriend?

Oh Brad really!

Is it because of this...
That speech makes me want to stab myself in the eye with a fork.

Or was it when she chose another human beings name?

As far as celebrity baby names go this has to be the worst

Or because she is trying to convince us she actually cooks and eats food like a normal person?

How long do you think she sat in hair and make up to achieve the  harrassed mum in the kitchen look?

Or was the fatal blow when she did this?

Seriously hand me that fork now

So do you want to come join my team or are you firmly planted in Team Gwyneth?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Frock It #10

Frock It has reached double digits...yay.

So this week I have have ditched all the Euro wedding scene and have headed over to New York for a bit of Aussie Glam.  My Frock It for this week is Aussie actress Rose Byrne.  She is one gorgeous girl.  She is at the season premiere of her tv show Damages.

Now whilst I love this whole look, the dress, belt, bag, make up hair and shoes.  It is just not a New York summer outfit.  Autumn, winter yes but not Summer.

So it pains me but I am going to give it the thumbs down.

Head on over to This Mid 30's Life and join in.  There is a bit of wedding fever over in the UK so go check it out.

I purposely avoided the Grimaldi horror but am totally intrigued by the whole drama surrounding it.  I wonder if Princess Charlenes tears were of happiness or horror???

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Frock It #9

So I am a bit late in joining this week over at This Mid 30's Life 

So Kate Moss got married.  You either love her or hate her, or you could be a fence sitter like me.

I think I love her dress, though I hate the pixie look lining at the top of her thighs. Do love the veil/headpiece.  The dress is designed by currently disgraced designer Galliano.

Do however think that the little flowergirl attendants dresses are just divine.  And the look is very boho Kate.

So what do you think of her dress?

Jump on over and join Frock it for this week.
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