Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Frock It #10

Frock It has reached double digits...yay.

So this week I have have ditched all the Euro wedding scene and have headed over to New York for a bit of Aussie Glam.  My Frock It for this week is Aussie actress Rose Byrne.  She is one gorgeous girl.  She is at the season premiere of her tv show Damages.

Now whilst I love this whole look, the dress, belt, bag, make up hair and shoes.  It is just not a New York summer outfit.  Autumn, winter yes but not Summer.

So it pains me but I am going to give it the thumbs down.

Head on over to This Mid 30's Life and join in.  There is a bit of wedding fever over in the UK so go check it out.

I purposely avoided the Grimaldi horror but am totally intrigued by the whole drama surrounding it.  I wonder if Princess Charlenes tears were of happiness or horror???


This Mid 30s Life said...

So 100%, completely and utterly agree with you. She looks amazing, but it's an Autumn / Winter look, not Summer. Yes that's being picky, and it's better than the other way around (there is something SO not right about summery outfits in Winter).

As for Prince Albert's wedding, I am really hoping they were tears of joy. Otherwise that is one tragic mess.

I'm So Fancy said...

First off, love your blog title. Love it. And yes, when your dress is the same colour as your hair and skin and wrong for the season,well, it makes you look like a very sad chameleon.

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