Monday, March 31, 2008

The OP SHOP Makeover

So in a previous post I bragged about my first op shop experience and the most gorgeous dolly bed that I happened upon.

Well as part of my nesting/sewing phase I have revamped the bed to suit the Ruby Red theme we have going and will tie in nicely (though of no where near the same standard as Emma's quilt).

So here is the finished result.
What I did was recover the pink ribbon trimming on the canopy. I also made a little red gingham check fitted sheet and 2 quilts and a pillow case using up all of my red fabric scraps. The black contrast is actually dotted but it doesnt seem to show up all that well in the pics.

Oh and guess what...I have packed my hospital bag..........finally. YAY for me.


Shannon said...

I bet she loves it!!

Looks great - well done.

Emma said...

Gorgeous, Ellie! Ruby will be delighted!

Nina said...

That bed is such a great find, and I love the new quilt. So sweet.

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