Thursday, March 13, 2008

Best Friend

This is another challenge for Shannon and I to keep us motivated with our blogging. This months challenge is to blog about our best friend and we can't be lame and say that our best friend is our husband. So that is the only rule and we are also going to tag some fellow bloggers so we can read all about their best friends. Also none of that best friends forever sappy shit stories either. (I love the fact that I make up games and the rules as I go along) As for last months challenge on Monday Memories we both did 3 not the 4 as originally planned but I think we both just ran out of inspiration but 3 was a damn fine effort from practiced procrastinators me thinks.

So anyway about my best friend...we shall call her K as I am not sure if she would like to be outted on the www as my friend..maybe I am her secret friend. But anyway how and why K and I are friends.

How we met.

We met at work. I had already been with the company for a few years. I am a very hard person to get to know as all my friends will attest to I think what I would term as shyness people might interpret as aloofness, rude and ignorant. When in actual fact I am quite shy and afraid of meeting new people. (I think a fear of rejection - I don't know why but I do).

A few months after K started we both had to travel to another town together for a training session. We had to drive (300km away) now we really did not know each other that well and I was dead nervous about spending 3 hours in a car with a virtual stranger. So I took a magazine to read in the car (which she later told me she thought was highly rude). So anyway the car trip I can not remember all that well but it cant have been too bad. Anyway we were staying in this motel (separate rooms) and a colleague left a note for me (knowing that I was a young gal in town and probably looking for something to do) telling me that it was O Week at the uni and that there was some function on at the Uni bar. So K and I decided to go... About 8 hours of solid drinking, dancing and drunk behaviour we bonded.

We were then pretty much as thick as thieves at work and socially (we lived in a small town).

OUr friendship blossomed and K and her partner and me and Snr Hillbilly all became firm friends. We all spent about 5 years I think together in this small town living the DINK lifestyle.

I love that K is brutally honest and will call a spade a spade, gives good advice and is a good shoulder or ear for me. We have similar philosophy's but are very different. Also our shared love of good food and good wine helps...

Eventually K and her partner split up (not married) this was a big shock for us all but I loved K and supported her decision. This was a tough time for her as lot of people thought these guys would be together forever.

Anyway K left town and met someone else. Snr Hillbilly and I got engaged and then married. K was my maid of honour. K and her new partner also got engaged and married 3 mths after us. I was matron of honour at her wedding (where I was the dud bridesmaid - don't ask but lets just say, dud dress, dud hair and broken jewellery all formed part of my duties)

We then moved to the same town as K and her husband.


K is still married with 4 beautiful daughters living in a beautiful home and family life.

Me well we have since moved again (we are now over 300km away) with 2 + 1 on the way (I will not, I repeat not be attempting a 4th to keep up with K). We have irregular contact due to busy lives with kids and work but when we connect it is like old times.

The future

We are planning a big trip next year (both of us celebrating 10 years of wedding bliss) with all our kids as well as another friend (K's friend who I have inherited - dont you love inherited friends). We were all married in 1999 and between the 3 couples there will be 10 kids and 6 adults attempting to fly overseas and travel together somewhere. Should be a laff.

An old 'family' tradition was that every easter we would go camping. This has been a bit hard over the past few years due to kids or one of us being pg at the time but hopefully in the near future (even next year) we will be able to resume that camping trip tradition.

We still have a shared love of good food and wine and I can't wait to catch up with her. Maybe once I finish baby stuff we can go away for a girls weekend. Now that would be good.

I think we will be friends forever and that our next big milestones will be celebrating our own 40ths then our kids 21st, weddings and grandchildren.

So now I am going to tag Mothership , Emma and Shel to tell us about your best friend.


Mothership said...

Oi Clampett! Just wanted to let you know that your tag has not gone unnoticed - rather that H1 has taken it upon himself to be extremely "two" these past couple of weeks. I swear he'd be on Ebay if it wasn't illegal although he would totally kill my feedback! :P

Ellie said...

Don't panic must be the week for it. Baby Girl has pressed all our buttons this week plus some we didn't even know we had. Also her molars are coming through as well. So to say things have been fun is a tad of an understatement.

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