Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I Lied

Yeah sorry about that regular reader. I said I was ready to have this baby and was ultra organised blah blah but truth be told I just realised today that I am still yet to pack my bag for hospital.

Damn is that not just the worst job. I still need all my fat clothes and my man jocks to wear on a day to day basis and I know if I try to pack it whilst in labour it will end in disaster.

Oh well shit happens hey..

On a side note Baby Hillbilly could be in for her second round of black eyes. Had to pick her up from daycare today (3 days of work left and I chuck a sickie on one of them...tsk tsk tsk) as she slipped while running (which she does on a regular basis) and went head first (well nose first it would seem) into the wall and she has a swollen nose. Poor mite. She was fine but once she saw me I had no chance of getting back to work without major tears and tanties.

Will keep you updated on the bruise outcome.

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