Monday, March 17, 2008

A Catch Up

This post will be a disjointed mishmash as I have had a few things I wanted to blog about but either hadn't got around to taking a photo or finishing it.

My First Op Shop Expedition...
A few weeks ago I had to buy a cradle for this new baby (just had too... you know when you get a bee in your bonnet about something - well this was my bee) anyway next door to the place where I wanted to buy this cradle was a Salvo's so I thought what the hey I will go in anc check it out and as I walked in the door this is what I spied with my little eye.

It is a white iron canopy dolls bed. Now what little girl wouldn't go ga-ga over this I know my inner little girl did. Now for those who know me, know that I have a love of all things RED know that in the coming weeks the bedding for this bed will have had a red makeover. I am going to try and time it so as it is all finished for when the new baby comes home so she has something for her to focus on. At present the bed is at Grandma's so it will feel like new when I have finished the bedding.
It cost me $25 and came with a doll which (not being a doll expert in the slightest) we think is a Baby Born (zapf creations????) and was wearing a 000 Osh Kosh dress... so how cool was my first op shop experience.

The Gift
Now this next little pic is of a gift I have made for my Best Friends little girl who is turning 7 on Wednesday. She is a bit of a ladybug fan so I am hoping she will love her new pj's and matching crayon roll. I just hope and pray that when K washes it for the first time it doesn't fall apart. I obviously bought the singlet but made the pants with contrasting cuff and pocket on the singlet. This was my first attempt and I am hoping that the next ones will be better as I perfect the cuff and pocket. I also hope to put a matching pocket on the pants next time as well.

Bringing Baby Home
Now what has become a tradition (aka something I like to do which also involves spending money - which for those who know me really well will know I love to do...) is to buy the baby a new outfit to come home in. Being #3 this was especially important to me because well this poor child will affectionately be known as Second Hand Sam. So now we are pretty much just ready and waiting for this baby to arrive. The room is clean, the fakuilt finished and washed (it didn't fall apart...yay for me) the clothes are washed and sorted, the baby capsule has been installed and now I can happily say the coming home outfit has been purchased. Again for those who know me will know it will probably be red...and well guess what, it is. So here is a pic of the outfit and a close up of the colours.

It has to be unisex as we do not find out the flavour and also I am also charting new territory with having a baby in April because for those who know I have only given birth (twice) on the same date, so this newborn in Autumn/Winter is all new to me.

So anyway this is a mammoth post and you all probably flicked to some other station half way through but for those still reading fairy claps for you. Mwah xxxx


Emma said...

Just popping in to claim my fairy claps! Well done on finishing the quilt. Great work on the outfit, too! Pop into my blog shortly...

PinkLizzy said...

Those pants are just adorable! I love your fabric choices. The contrast is so cute.
Really well done.

ingrid said...

Cute cute pant set! I love it!
And that doll bed really gets my heart racing. I cant wait to see it when you have finished the red makeover

Mothership said...

Hhhheeeelllllooooo! You crafty beearch! I am flabbergasted at your sewing prowess! You disgust me with you homemakerness, you really do. Now, don't forget H2 will you? She would totally dig an Aunty Ellie design! ;)

Ellie said...

Don't panic all my nearest and dearest are on my targetted list for receiving home crafted goodliness.

This is my equivalent to nesting. Cleaning etc is so not my forte I get a sewing bug instead.

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