Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Bloody Hell

I think I say that word a lot. Seems innocent enough doesn't it. But when you hear your 2 yr old playing in her room and she yells out "Buddy Hell" time to stop saying it me thinks.

What can I say now..

By Jingoes
Holey Moley - umm a bit too 60's batman
Strewth - ergggh Alf from HOme and Away - butnot too bad as long as I dont finish with stone the flamin' crows.
oh dear - a bit too 50's housewife
bite my tongue - may end in no tip of tongue or loss of taste buds
Bugger - hmm nope dont like the sound of that either much.

Feel free to offer some alternatives.

p.s - Monday Memory is a bit late this week I am still searching for a photo.


Shannon said...

How about "Farrrk"? You know, as in "I haven't done my Monday Memory either because I just can't be farrrked..." wydt?

Superbonus said...

Gotta go with "snappin' ducks". It's versatile, inoffensive and no one really knows what it means!

Emma said...

I realised I was subsituting "My goodness!" when James started saying "my GOOness!!!!!" at things!

Sumara said...

I'm rather into "goodness gracious!" and "golly gosh!" at the moment. Mostly because they're both so useless as an expletive that I am forced to calm myself down before saying it.

Nina said...

I tend to go with "far out" although it sounds more like " out" IYKWIM.

Bec said...

My son (3.5yrs) came out with "Oh bother" the other day, and I thought "where the hell did he get that kind of exclamation from?" I'm usually a 'bugger' 'crap', kinda person, but it seems that Thomas the Tank Engine has a lot to be thanked for in regards to being a much better role model for my child than I am!!! Other gems he's picked up from books incude "Tambourines and Treacle tarts!!!! (he doesn't even know what treacle is, but it must be fun to say), and "Bouncing Blueberries"...thank-you Fi-Fi and the Flower Tots...

hehehe...anyway, good luck with it :P

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