Monday, March 24, 2008

A Multiple Update

Aren't long weekends the best.

So much to catch up on...

First up Snr Hillbilly must read my blog as he bought me home a jumbo bucket of Juicy Fruit. He is a sweetie. Pity the juicy fruit memory did not meet the current product they sell. My little experiment went something like this:

a) initial bite - the memory of a nice sweet crunchy shell - 6/10 - shell still crunchy but not in the same league as it used to be
b) flavour - 10/10 - still the same tasting Juicy Fruit from my childhood they obviously haven't messed the recipe.
c) longevity - 1/10 - after 1min 45 secs (yes I timed it) all flavour had left the building and I was left with this tasteless rubbery thing in my mouth.
Overall the memory of juicy fruit did not pass the test and all up I was very disappointed.

Oh well moving on after all it is only gum.
This is the first Easter where Baby Hillbilly kind of got it. So all up our weekend was jam packed.
Good Friday was spent at Grandma & Poppy's where we started the day with Eggs Benedict (smoked salmon for the fish lovers and baked beans for the non smoked salmon eaters) we then ate for lunch lovely fish, prawns, salmon pate (which Baby Hillbilly loved) and smoked salmon. We then tuned into Max (on Austar) and kept an eye on the Top 1000 songs countdown as well as the timer (my brain really is shot took me over 10 mins to figure out when the countdown would end.

Like father like son - both desperate to try on Baby Hillbilly's new jewels. A queen and his little princess in waiting.

Easter Saturday we did a bit of shopping and looked into bikes and bike trailers for Snr Hillbilly. We also bought Baby Hillbilly a copy of the new Dorothy Dinosaur dvd - which she just loves and actually watches. The kids also made their Easter Baskets (aka noodle boxes with stickers stuck on them artistically by the duo.

Just a random photo of the girl smiling (not straining)

Easter Sunday was an early start with the discovery of what the Easter Bunny bought - one egg and an electric toothbrush. I decided to go with the theory that it was best to eat the egg now and be done with it rather than trying to reason and ration. Surprisingly they hardly ate any of it. They were more keen on the Easter Egg hunt. We then made Rabbit shaped gingerbread cookies to fill in the time until it was a decent hour to head back to Grandmas for a lovely breakfast of scrambled eggs and ham. The Easter egg hunt was also conducted which they both loved. We were still keeping an eye on Max and the Top 1000 where I discovered that Peter Andre (yes the one married to that page 3 girl in the UK) made it twice with the same song - Funky Junky. Now I hear you ask how do you know this because I sat mesmerised to the first showing of it trying to figure out if the dancing girl in the clip was Livinia Nixon or not. Then I saw it again on Sunday. Was it not bad enough that we had to witness it the first time..tsk tsk tsk.

Easter Monday was very low key with breakfast down at our local cafe on the beach with friends then into town sussing out new lounges for our front room. I also managed to get abit of sewing done - a fitted cradle sheet (rather disasterous but no one will be the wiser) and 99% completion of another pj set for another birthday girl who is turning 3 in April - just need to sew the matching crayon roll and I can tick a few things off my to do list.

Just as an update on the pj set I did a few things different this time.

  • instead of making the contrast a cuff I just made it a hem which has a nicer finished effect, pity my measuring was a bit off and one contrast hem is a bit wider in one spot.
  • I added a contrast pocket to the pants
  • I think these ones wont be so baggy and will fit the recipient better as I used a pair of Baby Hillbilly's pj bottoms as a guide.

More fairy claps to those who got to the end...


Mothership said...

And now you'll understand why I went through so much Juicy Fruit when I was going through my own chewing stage!

Get over this homemaking shit - and soon! You are so NOT the girl I thought you were... sniff...

Sally said...

Juicy Fruit let me down! I HAD to have a bit after your juicy fruit craving and bought a pack to chew on at work and it's definately not as good as I remember! Go for the Extra ... Tropical flavour.... or Melon. It'll blow your mind.

I'm also loving the PJ's you're too clever! Maybe you should start selling them from home? Or maybe you should have the baby first? LOL

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