Thursday, January 1, 2009

I don't do resolutions

because invariably I end up breaking them so instead I am going to attempt (that doesn't imply any negative connatations if I don't complete them does it!!!)

**to do the Couch to 5km running plan like my good friend Jodes (note to self buy some joggers)

**do more sewing (note to self - you do not need anymore fabric you have enough to clothe a small village)

**be calmer and not wig out over the little things (note to self get some valium or stock up on some good bubbles)

**follow a good skincare regime (note to self you ain't getting any younger this is a must)

**return dvd's on time (note to self you cannot keep relying on your namesake - yes there is another Ellie Mae out there and she works at my local Blockbuster - to keep deleting your late fees because she feels some kind of kinship to you)

**write Christmas cards this year (note to self don't make it 3 years running with no cards sent)

Lastly the very yummy Turkish Delight Ice Cream cake which the Hillbilly's partook in lieu of a Christmas cake.

And finally one of Baby Girl just doing a thorough check to make sure she didn't leave anything in her Santa Sack


Jodes said...

Well, make sure you start that running plan soon so that we can do a lovely run along the beachfront in two weeks.

Loz and Dinny said...

hey there ... like the resolutions - particularly the running one ... then I could really hook into the turkish delight cake ... who am I kidding - I wouldn't need an excuse to eat cake. I am also hearing you on the skin care thing - got a new do the other day and the glaring lights of the hairdressers ... mmm! No the high chair was not mine - Dunc's grandma bought it from an oppie about 10 years ago so she could have one at her house for the g.grand kids. I love it!

Loz and Dinny said...

Thanks for the anniversary wishes! ... waiting to hear how this couch to 5km thingo works ... I think I'm a definate candidate!

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