Monday, February 21, 2011

Paint - Daring colours

Okay not sure if anyone is reading this anymore (or ever where) but here goes. I need help.

I need tips ideas and inspiration to take the plunge and paint Jnr's room navy. Not just any navy but the perfect navy blue.

I am not adverse to being bold with paint. We owned a house which you could almost call a rainbow, almost every room was a different colour (oh the early 90's hey).

So have you done it?

Would you do it?

have you seen it done well (or bad)?


Lisa said...

Howdy stranger! Yes I have seen Navy done well.. and I've seen it done very bad too! I like a dark navy.

Melissa said...

I would do it, but I'd do it with reds and whites (not an american red white and blue), but still, I love the combination.

Are you looking at a feature wall, or all of them? Setting aside the theme here, or that it's a nursery, I kind of like how they've broken it up here with the white..

And possibly bedding like this (but then, I really love the Cape Cod style, so it may not be anyone else's taste).
That last one isn't a bad website, actually, for ideas.

Ellie said...

Thanks for those links Mel. I was actually going to throw a splash of bright almost lime green in cushions and decos but basically stick to white and navy. Wanted to steer clear of the red, white and blue look.

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