Friday, February 25, 2011

I donate to the rich people too...

I am a giving person, just ask me.

So giving that I donated nearly $100 to the some of the richest men in Australia aka The Wiggles.

We have a ritual in our house that when you turn 2 you get taken to a real (not one of the fake rip off ones) Wiggles Concert.

So Jnr got taken in 2004 - our first Wiggles concert ever. I think I was more excited. oh those days when I wasn't a worn out, permanently tired gal and actually got excited about things rather than a muffled meh.

Baby Girl went in 2007 when I was fat and pregnant and oh so the last place I wanted to be was at the Entertainment Centre with thousands of excited toddlers and their over excited parents.

Well 2010 was the year for Boo (The Little One) and what a year it was. She was so excited and I was semi excited - well it was to be my last ever Wiggles Concert.


(Photo courtesy of my smart arse work mates who like to remind me of my stuff ups)

Well I got the date and time wrong didn't I.

File that in the You stuffed up folder.

1 comment:

ClaireyH said...

I am hoping to survive life by never attending one of these concerts. But I have watched them about 7 million times on video.

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