Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Monday Memories - Week 1

Yeah Yeah I know it is Tuesday but I am running a tad late.

Anyway this is a little challenge that Shannon and I have set for each other. Well my brilliant idea to keep us going with our blogs but Shannon has set the bar rather high with her memory so this could in actual fact be a real fizzer of an idea.


My memory for this week is a picture of me and my little brother - I think we must be around 7 and 4 and we are at my Nanny's house. The most poignant part of this picture for me is not the actual people but the the little room you can see at the rear of the house. This is where my brother and I would play for hours it was like a granny flat/family room but had its own entrance. We would play 'house' in there for hours.

We used to love going to my Nanny's place as she would play with us and I mean really play we had run of the house and we were only limited by our own imagination. Now my Nanny is Irish they immigrated in the 60's to Australia and she lived through 2 wars and a depression so to say she was a bit of a hoarder was an understatement. Her cupboards and drawers were like little treasure troves.

Looking at this photo evokes lots of little things, the wigs I used to brush for hours on end and spray with Taft hairspray, potato bread and soda bread (those with Irish heritage will know what I mean...yummmm) , baileys (not that I was drinking it at 7 but my nanny would have a wee sip of it on special occassions, playing cards and that really ugly gas heater she owned. Also the hedge that my brother and I used to love getting into with the big garden shears...now that I am a mother who in their right mind would give a 7 year old huge garden shears to play with.

So that regular readers is my memory for Monday


Shannon said...

Awww look at you with your long hair... You haven't really changed either!

That's a great memory - Nanny's rock... :)

Mothership said...

Love it Clampett! My nannies were also total legends who've left everlasting memories. I think of loving grandparents as earth angels. :)

What a gorgeous little creature you were with your flowing locks.

insane said...

Your brother's a real cutie!

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