Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The scourge of the modern age

Is the mobile phone.

Its a case of cant live without them but hate with a passion the darn things.

Reasons why I hate thee....

  • I often leave it in the car so I miss important calls or sms messages. (Sorry Kel I missed the all important arrival of Oliver)
  • The battery is always flat and I can't find the charger or forget to pack it (Sorry Ren and H1)
  • I am useless at sending a text (they frustrate me no end) - (Sorry to just everyone that I send one to - or don't as the case may be)
  • I can never find the damn thing when I do hear it ring (again sorry to the general population who try to call me)
  • It gives me a heart attack everytime it actually rings (is this a sign that I am getting old?)
  • When it does ring - I sit and wonder whose phone is ringing, realising too little too late that it is actually mine.
  • When I am out and about and need to use it I have left it at home.
  • I hate people who talk really loud on them in public places.
  • People who wander around in circles whilst talking on the mobile really annoy me too.
  • When you are in a meeting and someone keeps taking calls - now that really pisses me off.
  • People who constantly sms - are we losing the art of conversation?
  • Young children who have mobile phones. What the fuck could they possibly need a mobile phone for?
  • Teenagers sending themselves or their parents broke using them.

Now after reading all those whinges is it really the fault of the phone or is it really just me!!! I shall ponder that...

But most of all I hate the fact that I blame the phone when really I could use a normal telephone and directory assistance to make those all important phone calls.


Renee said...

It's not in the car RIGHT NOW is it? Surely you've learnt the error of your ways... Someone sent you a picture message this evening - which is not the same, after all, as a text message (so technically ok, right?)

Ellie said...

*blush* ummm it would appear that yes the phone was in the car, but it is okay as I went grocery shopping yesterday afternoon and left all the groceries in the car - overnight so had to dump all the cold (well it wasnt cold this morning) food in the bin. The day can only get better right?

Renee said...

I have no words. None.

Mothership said...

And now I'm gonna call you Britney since "Oops, you did it again!"

Remind me to get Senior Hillbilly's mobile number in the event I may one day need to contact you about something urgent rather than comical or bitchy. ;)

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