Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday spent

going to the markets and buying some dragon fruit. I had never tasted it before and so was slightly intrigued.

We also bought Grandma Hillbilly some lovely lilliums just because...

Then we invited ourselves over for Sunday breakfast which was bacon, organic scrambled eggs, swiss brown mushrooms with baby roma tomatoes all grilled on the bbq.

All up a great way to spend a Sunday morning.


Mothership said...

You said: I had never tasted it before.

I say: And you STILL haven't!

It HAS no taste you see. :P

Rather pretty looking shit though.

Superbonus said...

You should try to track down some Durian Ellie. It smells like a cross between vomit and dog turd but I'm told it tastes delicious! I can't get past the smell though.

Ellie said...

You obviously work for the Durian Marketing team... you are really not selling it to me sorry D.

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