Sunday, January 20, 2008

Foul Moods, Heat and Coffee

Well decaf anyway - is that still real coffee.

Though I often wonder if the baristas just think oh bugger that and give us the real deal.

I am in a foul foul mood today and poor Snr Hillbilly is copping it like no other. I have fed my face, laid on the couch, fed my face some more and still no improvement. Even the PeanutButter Cups a dear friend has sent me are giving me no joy.

This is my first summer pregnancy and I feel like a huge lump. Whilst the heat is quite bearable with a huge tum I just feel blergh which is probably contributing to my foul mood.

On an upbeat side I met some lovely ladies yesterday in my new 'village' so that was nice. I normally get last minute jitters and pull out of things like this but I made myself go and whilst I could only stay for a short while I did enjoy my decaf latte morning out.

Day at home alone tomorrow - I need to sort out this sewing machine I don't think I have threaded it correctly and the thread keeps going all funny. I just don't do instructions very well. But I guess I will have to forego my no instruction manual rule and suck it up and read the damn thing. DAMN IT!!!!!!!

Oh wasn't this just a joyous read...sorry.

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