Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Frogs you have been warned

Tomorrow the Littlest One turns three!!!

As I sit here typing this blog entry this time, 3 years ago we had just rung my mum and told her to come around to sleep at our place for the night as our last ever baby was coming...we think.

3 years ago today my last ever day of being pregnant.

Turns out she arrived the next day in her sweet pick-a-ninny time. But here safe and sound all the same.

I actually couldn't believe she was a girl. I think for the first hour all I could say was "oh she is a girl" I never really cared with the first 2 but I secretly wanted a girl for this third one just so that Baby Girl had a sister. I was (and still am) so very jealous of sisters. I only have brothers, good ones but I would love a sister to share sister stuff with.

So here are THREE things about the Littlest One:

She has a smart mouth:
ME: LO please hold my hand you are going to get hit by a trolley
LO: Dont you worry about me, just worry about what you are doing.

She loves Frogs:

She Rules our House:

Here she is looking a little Hitleresque.

Some days it feels like a lifetime but sure as heck these 3 years have gone fast. Time can stop for just a wee moment and let me saviour it a bit longer.


Nina said...

Cool cakes!

Happy birthday Little One :)

Miss Nemo said...

Thanks for the lovely comment. I love your frog cupcakes. Great idea!

ClaireyH said...

Wow, those frog cakes look amazing...could lick my screen.

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