Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How's that working out for you - an update in 2011

Okay so my blogging has been sporadic and boring at best of late.  I tend to read a LOT of blogs.  I feel almost stalkerish and that I "know" these people and that me popping around and laying on their couch reading their magazines and drinking their alcohol and eating their food would be okay.  Sadly they would call the police on me and well lets face it, it would be weird.

So this morning I was reading through a few old posts and came across this post in 2009 of a bunch of resolutions but not really resolutions to achieve that year.

**to do the Couch to 5km running plan like my good friend Jodes (note to self buy some joggers).  I bought the joggers.  Two years later they still have that new shoe smell and look fantastic, that is probably due to the fact that they have been worn twice for jogging/walking purposes.  I also bought a cheap watch/stopwatch thingo as I didn't really want to run any longer than I had too.  It too is still going great guns.  The running well lets just say that I have the couch part down pat.

**do more sewing (note to self - you do not need anymore fabric you have enough to clothe a small village)
Yeah that didn't happen at all.  I did have to drag it out to sew on some patches for Ruby's Little Athletics shirt that she sooooo desperately wanted to join and went to 2 yes 2 sessions.  She shows great committment to things just like her mama.  The machine  is now gathering dust in the garage.

**be calmer and not wig out over the little things (note to self get some valium or stock up on some good bubbles)
Be wiggier and not calm.  Tick got that bit right...oh what you mean be calm and not wig out..oh sorry I failed in that department too.  Though I was very proud of the fact that I did not let out one single swear word when the "I didn't put the lid on my drink bottle properly incident" of last week resulted in wet jumpers, hats and a puddle in the boot of the car.  The fact that I was in the carpark of the school with lots of parents around had absolutely nothing to do with that, at all.

**follow a good skincare regime (note to self you ain't getting any younger this is a must)
Still not getting any younger - tick got that bit right.
Still pretty adhoc but I am getting better.  I bought all the good (read expensive) stuff and it looks nice and pretty in my bathroom. 

**return dvd's on time (note to self you cannot keep relying on your namesake - yes there is another Ellie Mae out there and she works at my local Blockbuster - to keep deleting your late fees because she feels some kind of kinship to you)
Wanted posters are now appearing in 4 out of 5 of my local video shops (I am old I still call DVD shops video stores).  I have taken to watching stuff on you tube and buying DVD's.  Hello Johnathon Rhy Meyers in the Tudors.

**write Christmas cards this year (note to self don't make it 3 years running with no cards sent)
I think I may have sent cards in 2009.  But I didn't in 2010 and I probably wont this year either.  Does a message on Facebook count?

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