Friday, August 26, 2011

Cancer you suck big fat hairy balls

It's Daffodil Day this week. 

If you haven't already and you can spare a dollar or two please donate.

I drove an 800km round trip today to attend a funeral because of cancer.

R.I.P Michele.  You battled that bastard with much grace and dignity, your memory will be forever cherished.


ClaireyHewitt said...

So true. Big big horrible hairy balls.

Get fucked Cacncer.

(sorry for swearing on your blog)

Melissa said...

I'm sorry mate. I've lost 6 close friends to cancer. One of them was the 8 year old son of a dear friend. I've another I expect we'll lose soon. :(

It's so messed up.

Kymmie said...

I hate cancer. A lot. It's taken far too many of those I love too.

I call it everyone's disease, because I don't know anyone who hasn't been affected by it.

But I'm loving your very descriptive hate word. Yes, big hairy balls. You suck. x

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