Saturday, August 13, 2011

Drink Du Jour

I love me a drink, of the alcoholic kind. 

I even have a special drink cupboard but do not think I am a cupboard drinker.

I love summer, I love hosting parties and making a new drink to share with my friends that I have discovered.

I am always on the look out for new funky glasses and Dan Murphy's to me  is like a lolly shop to a kid.  I get giddy in that shop.

So I thought I would share a drink I discovered a few months back that I have shared with my friends and they have all loved.

So you need:

1 part
(or you can use vodka if you prefer)
1 part
you can use ginger ale if you prefer, I have tried both ways but prefer the ginger beer
and 1 part

 and a squeeze of lemon or lime juice.  I put mine in a cocktail shaker but don't make the mistake of shaking it vigorously like me,  ginger beer when shaken explodes, trust me.  So either stir or gently shake the vessel then pour over crushed ice into a glass of your choice.  No garnish for this drink (and I love me a garnish) a straw if you must but otherwise just drink (guzzle) at your leisure.

This is a seriously refreshing drink without being too sickly sweet. 

My tip:  Before making for friends decide on your serving glass and find an appropriate measure to suit your cup to get the parts right.  Also you can (obviously) mix the quantities to suit your tastes e.g less alcohol (gasp) or soft drink.  Also go the diet soft drinks if you prefer.
Enjoy.  You're Welcome.

Would love to hear your favourite cocktail or mocktail.


ClaireyHewitt said...

Sadly I was once a major fan of barcardi and coke...what was that about? Yuk.

This looks much more my style. Now, where is summer.

Melissa said...

God I miss drinking. That looks awesome.

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