Monday, September 26, 2011

Last a Lifetime

They were meant to last a life time.  We have not even made it to year 9 yet and the 2 front teeth are broken.

I thought about this blog post yesterday and how this was the worst thing ever and well it's not you know.  Things could be a lot worse, I know,  but it still makes me upset to think that his beautiful perfect teeth are no more.

(excuse the horrible pic that is pasta sauce on his chin)

So we are off to the dentist this afternoon to hopefully hear good news and spend a wad of cash, but it could be worse right?

Have you ever done some major dental damage as a kid?  Was your mum as melodramatic as Juniors is/was?

1 comment:

Alex aka WHOA MUMMA! said...

My daughter jumped off the coffee table when she was 1 1/2 and killed her front teeth. They didn't fall out properly and her tooth grew in out of her gum in some weird ugly way. Cue 3 grand worth of braces at age 10.

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