Monday, May 25, 2009

Scones and Aprons

The other week I made Lemonade scones my first ever attempt at making scones.

Whilst making said scones I came to the conclusion that I need an apron and not just any old apron - no way. So I head over to the Queen of Aprons Louise at Made by Miffy and ordered an apron in an hour kit complete with fabric. And if you didn't have kids I am quite positive you could actually make this in an hour. Very easy pattern to follow and the end results are rather spiffy if I do say sew (ha ha) myself.

(Excuse messy house in background but I did try to sew all day)

Snr has now put an order in for one - which I guess makes sense seen as he is head Chef and chief bottle washer. Now to find something suitably manly and not too emasculating.

1 comment:

Jodes said...

Oh no, he definitely needs something floral, and some hair rollers too! :p

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