Sunday, May 24, 2009

Little Fairy

Only wants to be held at present, wakes up far too early but by god we love this little girl.

Have inlcuded a photo of my F&V shopping this morning at our local farmer's market. I am not too sure if it is as cheap as I once thought it was. Have a guess how much this lot cost which incidentally will not last me all week (gosh you don't think I am that organised do you!!!)


Emma said...

The little fairy is adorable!

Nina said...

Your littlest one is so sweet!

Hmmm... the veggies... I'm guessing around $60?

Kathy said...

Those bags look so cool - well done!

You littlest one is growing up so fast - such a wonderful age. Veggies - hmmm $40? What is Snr Hillbilly producing in the vege garden atm?

Shannon said...

Holy catch-up posts Batman. You have been busy.

Cute kid btw but she can't be yours. Your littlest is only a newborn.

Jodie said...

Aaaw she's SO sweet!

And I'll guess $30!

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