Saturday, February 14, 2009

8 & 9 months- a catch up

I have been a bit slack with my blog of late. November & December was rather hectic for the Hillbilly's and I just seem to be coming back into my self and am on the sewing machine when I can.

Anyway enough about that here is The Little One. In my eyes she hasn't changed all that much in the looks department. She is just like Jnr Hillbilly which probably explains all the "...isn't HE beautiful" comments we get. I just nod and agree I mean SHE really is rather gorgeous, who am I to argue.

December 2008 - 8 months old

Still only 2 teeth, but now, not only is she crawling but cruising around the furniture. Still can be rather picky on the food front but has a few firm favourites that we stick to. She has also discovered her voice and is rather fond of using it and using it well (read loudly) but hey she is cute we can forgive her.

January 2009

Hard to believe she will be one soon where has the past year gone. This time last year I was very pregnant and spending a lot of time whale like at the beach. It is funny though as two of the school mums are due in April so they are where I was last year it is funny now that I get to give that commiserating smile as they 'waddle' up to the gates at the end of the day.

Back to work (part time) next month eeek.


Shannon said...

Gorgeous! And yes, very much like Jnr.

Emma said...

She certainly is gorgeous, and I love the dress!

Jodie said...

SHE is gorgeous, Ellie, and I have no idea how she could be mistaken for a boy?

How much are you going back to work?

Jodes said...

She sure is adorable. I am in love with that dress Ellie.

Ellie said...

Thanks girls. The dress is Fred Bare it was actually Baby Girls dress first (gifted) and now a hand me down for the Little One.

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