Friday, May 30, 2008

Shit I am old

I was reading a post in a forum that I frequent asking you what was your email address when you were in high school.

Well crap I am old because when I was in high school there was no www and there surely was no email, mobile phones had just come about and they were those ones you carried around in a bag. When I was in high school yes we did have computers but we still had rooms with typewriters for 'typing class' - cripes I am so old I cant even remember what the name of that suject was?

In fact just the other week we took the Hillbilly's to our local musuem and there was an old style typewriter on display - both SH and I drew a blank trying to explain to jnr what is was used for.

So anyway after putting not much thought into it I have come up with a couple of examples of what my high school email address might have been:


Superbonus said...

Yeah I know the feeling. When I started my degree at Uni we used to have to book computer time on the massive mainframe computer and there were 50 of us in a room full of green screen terminals programming away in some arcane computer language. Hell I think they even had a card reader attached to the mainframe!

Anyway, it wasn't until the last few years I was there that they got some PC's for the students to work on.

If you're old then I am positively ancient.

If there was email then mine might have been:

Mothership said...

I think mine would have been:


Scrapsister said...

LOL That was my thread :) It was actually 'what would your email addy have been in HS' as I am too old to have had one too! I am shocked at how many people really did have them. I am sure I am younger than that ;)
Mine would have been..

Shannon said...

Easy. Mine would have been:

Jodes said...

I can't even think what mine would have been.

Andrew Clifton-Brown said...
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Andrew Clifton-Brown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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