Friday, June 6, 2008

Some crafty stuff

Have been trying to do a bit of sewing of late but have not really been successful.
Lets just say if you are my friend and your kid is having a birthday expect a crayon roll in the gift bag.
Here is my latest one which is a jungle theme for my nephew Jack.

Really happy with it except I should have done the final sewing on the bottom as opposed to the top where you would not have seen the green cotton...damn it. I have also made 2 pairs of pj's to add to his birthday bag. I am yet to attempt a proper pj top as to be honest I cant see the sense when you can buy a set of pj's for less than $10. So I just buy a skivvy or singlet (on sale) and sew a fancy pocket on it. Also I am yet to try and sew a buttonhole - way too scary for my sewing skills or lack thereof.

Also on a crafty a note the final snuggle rug for Jnr Hillbilly he was the last to receive his but he was really happy with it. I used some old fabric we have had floating around the house which was a piece of material from spotlight that was the makings of a fabric book about dinosuars (Jnr is a mad dinosaur geek) so I cut some of the dinosaurs and then just sewed some panels around it. I then used flannel (to make it snuggly) as the backing - just some stuff I had in my 'stash' unfortunately it is not dinosaurs as it would seem that like most 'fasion' things in retail trying to buy for boys is extremely limiting especially if you are trying to buy cheap stuff. Rant over.

Last a group shot of the 3 musketeers and one of the not so Little One and one of her many chins. She is huuuuge.


Superbonus said...

I reckon that crayon roll rocks! Can you make me one for my gadgets to take to work? MP3 player, PDA, Mobile Phone etc??
Dinosaur pattern too please.


Mothership said...

Do it Clampett and I will ENSURE that he uses it every single day.

It needs a kind of handbag strap though (so he can wear it on his walks) and maybe a strip of that council worker glow shit so he doesn't get hit by a car? :O

Superbonus said...

I am NOT wearing a manbag. Especially if it's Dayglo orange.

Ditch the straps - maybe turn it into a utility belt?

Emma said...

Great work! I reckon the LO is bigger than Eleanor!!!

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