Saturday, June 7, 2008

Where do babies come from

A conversation with Baby Hillbilly which originated with why BH should not be wearing nappies anymore.

BH: But mama you wear nappies!

Me: yes but only after I had a baby. (Regular Reader please know that i do not wear nappies that was just what I called feminine hygiene products to her when she asked one day)

BH: Mama are you going to have a baby?

me: No BH 3 is enough (me thinking cripes it has only been 8 weeks give me a chance woman to lose some post baby belly flab- yeah right who am I kidding that flab will be here for the long haul)

BH: LO was in your belly wasn't she.

me: yes and now she is out, you were in my belly too as was Jnr.

BH: and Daddy too?

me: No Daddy came out of Nana's belly and I came out of Grandma's belly

BH: and Poppy's too?

me: ummm no baby...

I genuinely look forward to our next discussion on how exactly the baby got in my belly....NOT

1 comment:

Sumara said...

lol... in our house the conversation has got as far as mummy has lots of tiny eggs inside and daddy puts a type of seed in mummy's tummy which makes the egg grow into a baby... the conversations get more nervewracking with each new detail!

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