Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Granny Clampett Celebrates

Her birthday at Chez Clampett.

We started the meal with an avocado and prawn salad on a bed of rocket with coriander dressing with lemon segments served in my lovely new stemless wine glasses how gorgeous are they.

Mains was Oysters Moscavitch (creme fraiche, smoked salmon and salmon roe), Oysters Kilpatrick (made with love by Baby Hillbilly with the help of her gorgeous mother), prawn & avocado platter, Sweetlip (emperor grass I think) and chips with a salad of rocket and parmesan.

All washed down with a lovely Grant Burge Merlot and finished off with the cupcakes sprinkled with fairy dust.



Lisa said...

I'm coming to your place for my next birthday!

Mothership said...

Ok, alright, that's ENOUGH!

You should know that when yours truly comes to play, I shall expect nothing less... ;)

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