Saturday, August 16, 2008

Love Ellie

That is my new label which I had made here by MommieMadeIt at Etsy. I love the label very much and cant wait to point it out to people who receive my 'gifts'. The flower on the label is the same flower I have as a stamp so I can coordinate cards and simple wrapping papers.

I have, with still over one month up my sleeve, finished my niece's 3rd birthday present. The whole gift except for the dolls bed (partly made by us and partly by Ikea) is all made by me.

I have made the dolls bedding, a shirred dress, Pj set, the obligatory crayon roll and a tote bag to put it all in.


The pj set - am really happy with the pants just need to keep practicing my applique skills.

Crayon Roll and Shirred Dress

Dolls Quilt and Bedding with a little pillow.


Emma said...

You're really getting into this! Cute label! I love those PJs, too!

Mothership said...

You impress me more each post. I love watching your progress Sooz.

Lisa said...

Wow you've been busy! What a birthday haul for your niece!

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