Thursday, July 10, 2008

3 Months Old

It is that time of the month again this really is going way to fast and I feel like I am already thinking about Christmas (I know crazy) and returning to work.

Everything plodding along just dandy we are getting heaps of smiles and Heidi now gives me big giggles when we are getting ready to hop into the bath. She is just pure delight even if she is starting to take advantage of all the cuddles. The scary thing is that she just loves to watch us eat, how ever will I hold out until she is 6 mths to introduce solids.


Emma said...

I love seeing these, Ellie! I'm about to tackle the task of trying to keep Eleanor still to get her first birthday one !

Ellie said...

Thanks Emma - I was actually thinking I might make sure for the next one she is NOT wearing a pink wondersuit people will start to wonder if the poor girl has any other clothes.

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