Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A productive evening

It is amazing what one can get done when they take a few steps away from the computer.

This evening I either started or finished a few of my 'in progress' projects.

I sewed all 30 squares for Jnr's dino patchwork bag. (I really need to finish that one before school starts next week.)

I finished sewing the doll's quilt for my nieces dolly bed birthday gift (now just need to do sheets and pillows) also will make one of the green shirred dresses with the leftovers and a summmer pj set.

I also finally finished the second pj set for Baby Hillbilly. I tried something a bit different this time and 'appliqued' (well I think that is what I did - not very well mind you but not bad for a first timer)a ladybug on the el cheapo skivvy. I really really love this combo of fabric.

I now need to finish the second pair of offcut pj's for Jnr, his dino bag a couple of surprise gifts that I can't mention on here and a round neck dress that I cut out yesterday as well as my Chelsea Bag. I am hoping that the Chelsea bag turns out well as I really love the style/design and would love to be able to make them as gifts.

Okay best go to bed as no doubt the Little One will wake very soon - who by the way has started rolling so I suppose I can not leave her on the edge of cliffs anymore...

1 comment:

Emma said...

Great to see your quilting!

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